Thumbnails in PSP8. MK2

  [DELETED] 00:51 30 May 2003

I posted this earlier on the help board but think it may be a good idea to post it here too.

I've just upgraded from PSP 7 to the new version 8.
Before when I have made thumbs they have displayed on my website perfectly. Now there is nothing.

The images are saved as .jpg's and are correctly named.

They won't display in Windows preview or in Paint. I just get the message that this format is not supported.

The page they're on can be found here click here and you'll see placeholders where the thumbs are supposed to be and if you click one it'll take you to the full image. So the link does work, it just won't display.

  [DELETED] 07:38 30 May 2003

I've sorted that out now.

Before, when I saved an image it was in the standard compression format. Now I have PSP8 I thought that I would try out the new lossless compression.

It looks likely that once an image has been saved this way and you then alter it again by reducing the image dimensions that the image information gets corrupted resulting in a thumbnail that can't be read.

Major cock-up by someone.

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