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  [DELETED] 19:57 14 Apr 2006

I have been working with coffee cup html editor. This allows you to create youyr own thumbnail. Is thier wa way of making the pig picture come up on a page I have created? So that I can add text etc to the page?



  [DELETED] 20:36 24 Sep 2006

Are you asking if you can add an image and then wrap text around it? or are you asking if you can click on the thumbnail to then bring up the bigger picture?

  [DELETED] 13:21 26 Sep 2006

If it is clicking on a thumbnail to bring up a bigger picture then you need to add this:

<a href="Link to bigger pic.jpg"><img src="Little pic.jpg" width="150px" height="110px" alt="Description of pic" title="Description of pic" />

You can obviously change the width and height to whatever size you want the pic to display on the website.

Think this is right.


  [DELETED] 15:41 26 Sep 2006

I think this one's probably solved and/or fogotten about, since it's 5 months old!

Besides, to add text to the page rather than simply display an image in the browser window, the link would have to be "biggerpic.html" with the picture displayed on that page.

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