thumbdrive is writeprotected and i can't disable

  vinopasta 15:08 26 Sep 2018

so i was going to install a fresh w10 on my newly bought usb thumbdrive, but somehow the files corrupted and now my thumbdrive is writeprotected for some reason.

i've tried to clean the partition in cmd and disabeling the Write protect in RegEdit, but it just won't let me format the thumbdrive or disband the Wirteprot.

Thanks in advance if anyone know what to do

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 26 Sep 2018

Write Protected?

  1. go into command prompt or powershell
  2. then type "diskpart"
  3. type "list volume"
  4. then "select volume xxx" (where xxx is the write protected problem drive)
  5. then type "attributes volume clear readonly"

  6. type "exit" to come out of command prompt.

  7. Then try to write to the drive.
  wee eddie 16:22 26 Sep 2018

Are you sure that the Thumb Drive is the Real McCoy. there are plenty of rip-offs out there

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