Thumb drives- Solid State drives

  Terry Brown 09:47 04 Sep 2011

We are told there is no need to defragment a SSD, does that also apply to a thumb drive as they are a SSD system ? Terry

  gengiscant 10:07 04 Sep 2011

Yes is the short answer.

But I have always thought that a USB drive was only a temporary storage medium so there would very rarely if ever be the need to defrag them.

Generally speaking,there is no need typically to be defragging one a week or even once a month. And with more modern OSs and disk formats, there is even not much need to do it once a year, especially if your drive it not very full. But, it can be worthwhile if you have a drive that is rather full, especially if you are using an older OS/drive format

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:55 04 Sep 2011

SSDs are basically bigger "thumb drives" and such have a limited number of write cycles (although it be in thousands).

Defragging is using up some of those cycles are therefore limiting the life of the drive.

As there is also no moving parts in these drives there is no "real" time delay in searching for the data spread across the drive and therefore defragging is not going to increase the speed of data retrieval from the drive.

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