three red lights on sapphire 4870

  sumorabbit 12:26 13 Jul 2008


I've just tried my first build of a pc and upon boot up I've got three red lights on my sapphire radeon 4870. The components used for my build are:

Intel Q9450
Asus p5q deluxe mobo
OCZ PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Reaper (2Gig) Ram
Sapphire 4870 gpu
samsung spinpoint F1 750gig hard drive
Thermaltake ToughPower 850W Modular Power Supply.

To my knowledge the PSU should be able to handle that little lot with ease, but being a newbie to building, I'd appreciate any input from someone with a bit more knowhow than me!

Thanks in advance


  crosstrainer 13:00 13 Jul 2008

Have you connected the extra power cable to the PSU? It;s in the top right hand corner of the picture in the link.

click here

  sumorabbit 19:28 13 Jul 2008

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I have the power cable plugged in, although on the 4870 it has two power cables, and not the one. Both of which are hardwired from the psu.

If I knew what the lights meant, would give me a clue, but the problem is that there's no mention of it with the graphics card, and from my end it means that there's no connection being made with the monitor, therefore keeping the monitor looking for a feed.

  citadel 21:39 13 Jul 2008

the lights are probably to indicate power, fan, memory, are ok
have you put it in the blue slot as opposed to the black one. try taking it out of the slot and replacing it

  sumorabbit 22:00 14 Jul 2008

I've had the card in the blue slot. Haven't tried the black one because I'd read that the initial card is supposed to go into the blue slot. I've also removed the card and replaced it. Are the red lights possibly okay then? I would assume that they should go off after an initial flash, or at least if they were on then all of the lights would be on. With no mention of them in some sort of troubleshooting guide, I have no idea whether this is a normal occurrence for these cards. Obviously, if this were normal then my problem may well lie elsewhere!

  citadel 22:26 14 Jul 2008

the blue slot is the correct one. I think the lights are supposed the briefly flash on when you start up then go out.
have a look at the ati card forum over at there may be info there.

  sumorabbit 22:34 14 Jul 2008

Cheers Citadel.

Your continued help is much appreciated!

  I am Spartacus 22:47 14 Jul 2008

Are the light's on the card itself or next to the PCI slots (above, top left)? Some Asus motherboards have a warning light if the card hasn't been fitted correctly but 3 lights tends to suggest that it's not the slots though.

  woodchip 23:22 14 Jul 2008

You should not fit or remove the card if the Motherboard led is on. You should turn of at the back of the PSU or pull the 230 volts plug

  sumorabbit 17:14 15 Jul 2008

Cheers everyone!

The lights are actually on the card itself right in front of the power connectors. For anyone with any knowhow on the meaning of the lights, they are on, off, on, on as you look at it. (the last "on" being the one nearest to the motherboard.

In regards to the card being removed, this has only been done once the computer has been fully switched off.

  Lintvelt 12:33 07 Aug 2010

Hi, the same thing is happening to me.The lights are in the same order (they are on, off, on, on).Also my computer shuts itself down when I play 3-D games like Metro 2033.I have a 490 watt psu.Could that be the problem?

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