Three problems in one mesage

  jessej 10:12 21 Mar 2005

1st. My daughter has a computer, running XP Pro, without any CD's for the OS, i.e. no restore disc, etc. It is one of those where the OS is stored somewhere on the hard drive. I assume, though I don't know, that to do a reinstall it would be necessary to just click on the OS File and go from there. But what if the hard drive went belly up, I would imagine I would be up a creek (you know the word that applies) without a paddle. Would it mean a trip to the local PC shop to buy a new copy? Or is there away to save it to a CD before anything happens? I'm sure I have seen something about this somewhere but can't recall where. Hopefully I will never need to do a reformat but, as the boy scouts say, be prepared, or something like that.
2nd. I have very recently, with the assistance of neoplanet, cleaned a hijacker and worms/viruses from her PC. Part of the instructions included going to Folder Options > show hidden files. This option was not listed under Tools, not anywhere else that I could find. Also another part was to start in Safe Mode, again this was impossible. Safe Boot was not in the list after going to Run and typing in msconfig, nor was there any reaction to hitting F8 on start up. Anyone know how to get these back please?
I should add that the worm/viruses in question were Sumom and svhost.exe which I understand, from looking at Google, stops access to both. But having got rid of both, I hope, access to them have not returned.

  geeza 10:53 21 Mar 2005

have a look here
click here

  medicine hat 12:03 21 Mar 2005

The hidden files issue: the options in Tools>Folder Options>View is Hide file extensions for known file types, and, Hide protected operating system files. The box next to these is likely to be ticked - click on it to remove the tick.

  medicine hat 12:05 21 Mar 2005

For Safe Boot, you have to press F8 before the Windows boot-up screen appears. So keep pressing it whilst the bios is doing its business

  jessej 08:23 22 Mar 2005

Thank you geezer, that gives me something to look at.
Medicine hat: It doesn't look as though you read my post properly. As I said there, under Tools, Folder Options is not listed, nor is it in Control Panel or anywhere else that I can find. (on my computer, XP Home, Folder Options is also shown in Control Panel)
As for hitting F8 to boot in Safe Mode, agaiin as I said, F8 does not do a thing. I restarted 9 or 10 times, pressed F8 each time, no effect whatsoever.
There is now an additional little problem, System Restore is not working. When I try to access it up pops the message >System Restore has been turned off by group policy. To turn on System Restore contact your domain administrator<
I strongly suspect this could be down to the 'C' drive being almost full, it only shows up as 5GB. There is another drive, 'D', which shows as being around 50GB of which around 37GB is free. But now I am really getting beyond my ability, can I move some items (games) from 'C' to 'D'? Will it have any effect on playing them? If so, how? I should add that I don't know if there are two HD's or just one that has been partitioned, nor do I know how to find out without taking the side off and looking.

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