Three monitor setup windows 7and 8

  alansabout 15:53 29 Nov 2013

Hi all I have a duel boot set up which I wanted to run three monitors on my default boot is win7 so that is where I started after a lot of mucking about with only getting two monitors to work at the same time and some research it seems that although my graphics card (R9280x-DC2 top} has two DVI one hdmi and one display port I had to buy an active display port connector so the setup is, main monitor dvi next hdmi dvi converter last active display port adapter, great all monitors work great now here is the bit I am unable to understand when I boot into win 8.1 I am back to the original problem will only recognise two, any two that is I can unplug one lead and the one that would not work now will now work, display settings will just not detect more than two at a time AMD catalyst control centre is the same but I can boot back to win7 and all is ok. sorry a bit long winded
Thanks Alan

  rdave13 16:18 29 Nov 2013

Hopefully this might help or at least give a clue for you.

  john bunyan 16:39 29 Nov 2013

Back in the early '90's I worked in a commodity dealing room where we had 3 screens liked to a single keyboard. There was a simple switch on this keyboard so that one could use it for either the PC, a "mainframe" computer or the "Reuter" screen. I cannot remember the make, but things must have improved since then! I think a form or built in KVM switch is needed - see KVM switch. Such a keyboard would enable you to access PC's in turn , keeping the monitors dedicated to their linked PC. PS gave up dual booting XP / W7 very quickly as W7 was fine.

  alansabout 12:11 30 Nov 2013

Thanks for the replys but not any the wiser I'm afraid just unable to see why with the set up I have it now works with Windows 7 but not 8 I could buy a cheap graphics card and try that but am reluctant to as have just spent about the same amount on display port adapter perhaps I will just abandon windows 8 and stick with 7 which I prefer it was just niggling at me.

  alansabout 14:17 30 Nov 2013

Sorted. I had to play about with the AMD catalyst control center and after a lot of tinkering they are all now working with both OS, the third monitor is now visible in the windows display setup in win8. Thanks

  rdave13 14:23 30 Nov 2013

Thanks for the feed back. Wonder why an active display port connector needs to be used for both OSs?

  alansabout 16:40 01 Dec 2013

I think it is all a black art.

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