Three Hard Drives Corrupted - Please Help

  spirojunk 11:53 22 Aug 2008


The other day I was using my media centre computer (made from new parts less than a year ago), when I tried to access my secondary hard-drive that is in it, but Windows Vista said it was inaccessible or corrupted. I have no idea why it had corrupted, but suddenly it had.

I took the corrupted drive out and put it in my first, older, computer to see if I could access it. As before this computer told me it was corrupted too. I tried using Disk Recovery Wizard which found the folder structure but was having problems getting files. I set it to do an extensive search, which was going to take hours and I went to bed.

In the morning the computer had crashed during the huge search, so I turned it off. However, when I tried to boot up again my first computer wouldn't start. It kept reaching the Windows logo and then restarting.

I then took the first corrupted hard drive back to the media centre computer and tried to boot that up, it wouldn't.

I have since taken out the hard drives from the first computer and put in a 4th hard drive and done a new install of Windows XP. I have then systematically put in the first corrupted drive, and the OS drives from the media centre and primary computers, they are all corrupted. The disk recovery has a similar problem with all, and can rescue the odd file here and there, but not much else.

I’m completely devastated. I had backed files up between drives, and now I’ve lost them all!

Can anyone surmise as to why a fairly new hard drive would just corrupt without me having done anything? And has the corrupted hard drive somehow corrupted the other two drives just by being in the same computer as them? Is that even possible?

If anyone has any ideas as to how I could save any of my data, I’d be so grateful. Does anyone have experience with a particularly good disk recovery software? I can’t afford to go along the professional data recovery route sadly.

Even if my data is lost, I want to learn from this situation and understand why it happened. I also have £200 of hard drives that I’m not sure whether they work or not. Can I just reformat and start again, or will this happen again, are the hard drives permanently damaged?

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.



  ronalddonald 12:38 22 Aug 2008

Sorry youve had loss of data due to corruption. But i can dvice you that get pen drives and use them as back ups for data.

I have never used vista, seen it but find it very useless if something goes wrong. And there are issues with tryignt o reinstall vista and other issues like your for instance.

You might be able to reformat the drives under xp home.

  spirojunk 12:47 22 Aug 2008

I'm not sure that there are pen drives that exist that store 100Gb of data :)

The second computer (the older one) is actually running Windows XP.

  thms 13:59 22 Aug 2008

Try the manufacturers web site they usually have diagnostic tools you can download free.

Try backing up to an external drive, though this would not necessarily mean you would be free from corruption.

As to why they have become corrupted is kind of hard to tell. Could be anything from a virus,overheating,faulty cable,the way you backup or numerous other things.

  spirojunk 14:32 22 Aug 2008

I can't back it up, because the files are corrupted, they are inaccessible from any computer.

Is there any way to eliminate those possibilities?

  woodchip 16:04 22 Aug 2008

This may be a VIRUS at work, You could try this click here

  Terry Brown 20:44 22 Aug 2008

Download this file click here and run it, no guarantees, but it has worked for a riend when nothing else would.

  kjrider 09:08 23 Aug 2008

I have Ubuntu on one of my PCs and it would read a HD that windows said was corrupted.


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