Three and 3G

  fitshase 00:55 20 Mar 2003

I don't know if this falls within the region of computers and the PCAdvisor helproom but I have been a member for a while and always get good help and info.

My question:

There seems to be more and more media coverage from Three about their new 3G mobile phone network - including adverts on this site (hence the posting in the helproom).

Has anyone managed to try one of these phones out yet? Does anyone think that they are worth it?

I'm thinking about taking the plunge and ordering a couple (no point in getting one if I want the video calls!) and would like to know if anyone has had a sneak preview and tried one out, or anyone seen one in action?

Cheers in advance



  szk2003 01:04 20 Mar 2003

well personally i think they are pretty cool but i don't think this is the right time to get them. one not many people have them so the video call bit is pretty much useless and secondly they cos so much you might as well take a taxi to see the person you are going to call.

  fitshase 22:20 20 Mar 2003

Cheers for that. I have read on Three's website that you can video call other phones on their network and also anyone with an e-mail address and PC with webcam. I am thinking of getting 2, 1 for me and one for the other half. I am tempted even further by the webcam call facility because a lot of my friends have webcams.

Does anyone else have any comments or has anyone tried one of these yet?



  accord 23:07 20 Mar 2003

have you seen the prices !!!!!!

didnt realise it was through Hutchison, which i think uses the same network as orange (correct me if im wrong) so i wont be taking the plunge as i cant get a signal at home on this network or T Mobile, even though i live 100 yards from the M3 motorway.

  fitshase 23:15 20 Mar 2003

I have seen the prices but if you are one of the first 20,000 you get 50% off. I am looking at the pay as you go option because even the voice to voice calls are only 5p per minute.

I think Hutchison are the old owners of Orange and that they have built their own network now. However, it does seem that from the carphone warehouse site, they must be using some of O2's network.

If you were interested in getting one, you can check the coverage on their website. My area - near Newcastle upon Tyne - looks like full coverage so that is a plus.

Any more input welcome,



  fitshase 23:23 20 Mar 2003

Well, upon closer inspection of the Carphone Warehouse site, it appears that the 50% off a handset offer is not available on the pay as you go option.

I'm certainly not paying £400 for 1 handset and I'm definitely not rich enough to be paying £60 a month!

Looks like I'll just have to wait until the price drops.

Cheers for the input anyway



  accord 23:27 20 Mar 2003


same here about waiting till prices come down. suppose its the same when mobiles first came to market and they cost hundreds of pounds (still do without a contract)

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