threatfire ???

  acein1 10:27 25 Nov 2008

is" threatfire", a resorce hog,????, anybody using it like to comment please

  Belatucadrus 10:55 25 Nov 2008

Threatfire is fairly low on resource requirements and an interesting second tier of protection if you don't trust the heuristics of your incumbent AntiVirus software. I tried it and didn't have any problems with it, but decided as I trust avast! to do the job didn't feel I really needed it so uninstalled it.

  MAJ 10:55 25 Nov 2008

I have never used it myself, but if you feel that it is a resource hog, try a trial of NOD32, click here It certainly isn't a resource hog and it's a pretty good antivirus package.

  acein1 11:23 25 Nov 2008

thanks for your replies,as far as i know it is ment to be used alongside your standard antivirus (avast) in my case,i was just wondering if it was a resorse hog because my system seems to be slower since i installed it thanks again

  sunnystaines 11:29 25 Nov 2008

I tried it a while back it slowed down web pages not sure if its improved recently or not.

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