?thread "doubling up" anyon else affected?

  end 10:06 24 Aug 2004

am looking at "internet explorer problem " posted by rabbitrabbit and
"ms access forms " posted by charence
both started at 0956

anyone else "seeing double " and only able to access "internet explorer problem" whichever of the two threads you open; and both threads are also "doubling up" their entries,,
is it only me or..sumunt else happening here..thought my computer was "going off somewhere"..

please tell me it not just me::))

  wags 10:08 24 Aug 2004

Me too !

  JonnyTub 10:08 24 Aug 2004

Dont worry end, it's not just you and it happens occasionally

  VoG II 10:10 24 Aug 2004

Sometimes get these crossed posts. Also sometimes a thread appears multiple times, with multiple identical posts in it!

  woodchip 10:11 24 Aug 2004

I think it is a PCA on-going problem that as been for the last week

  end 10:24 24 Aug 2004

and now seems to be "repeating itself" within each posting?
must admit have never met this before ( i knew I should have stayed in bed this morning:) )

  woodchip 10:28 24 Aug 2004

It may be something to do with what happened to me other day, I clicked a thread and it opened another thread. Not the one I clicked on.

  end 10:33 24 Aug 2004

well...whatever it is...it is spreading...literally::))

F.E. is aware me thinks:)(hopes!)

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