'Thre trouble with PCI Express is...'

  polo 15:39 05 Mar 2005

How long will it be before someone is writing 'the trouble with PCI express s..' I'm about to buy a new computer, the dilema is should I go for PCI Ex or not. As I don't do gaming people tell me I don't need it. They seem to be under the impression that it would be expensive and I'm wondering if they are saying I don't need it for that reason? In actual fact the price is roughly the same and I see that lots of computer firms are now using it in their computers. Everyone tells me that the future lies with PCI Ex so why isn't everyone buying a new computer having it? I just have this nigling feeling that maybe I should stick to the old technolgy rather than go for the bleeding edge. What do people think?

  Gongoozler 16:24 05 Mar 2005

ISA gave way to PCI, PCI gave way to AGP, and now AGP is giving way to PCI Express. When a technology first hits the market it is generally more expensive to cover the development costs. Once it is established the costs come down. The silicon and plastic cost the same whatever the technology so eventually PCI and AGP will be obsolete and PCI Express will be the standard until the next development. The only real advantage to staying with PCI and AGP is that there is a lot of cheap slightly old stuff around using the old technology, whereas PCI Express will all be the latest and therefore most expensive. I could build a computer using PCI and AGP for under £300 including the monitor. I doubt that I could do that with a PCI Express system.

  petermontague 16:29 05 Mar 2005

I am planning to build my first computer and have similar thoughts to you. Although I intend to use mine for gaming I am inclined to go with the proven technology rather than the cutting edge.
I would rather go for a single 6800GT in a AGP slot than have twin PCI expresses. I am also not totally convinced that Raid 0 is the way to go.
It just seems to me that by doubling the number of graphics cards or hard disks you are doubling the chances of things going wrong. I would rather buy the best quality hardware that I know works than take a chance on unproven stuff.
I am thinking of

MSI K8N Neo Platinum
AMD 3500 Winchester
Jean Tech Phong case with 2x120mm fans
450/480w Tagen or Antec PSU
1024MB Corsair PC3200
Viewsonic VX912 19" TFT
Seagate Barracuda SATA HD
Probably Sony drives
Audigy Soundcard

I know this is not the most exciting spec in terms of cutting edge components, but it looks pretty solid to me. But it is my first build, so what do I know.

  User-312386 16:41 05 Mar 2005

That system looks pretty good to me

I am asking myself whether to get a PCI express board as well. Was looking at the winchester 3500.

Will stick with my AGP card for the time being and buy my board with the PCI express Slot for later upgrades

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