Thoughts in terms of choosing a domain name...

  nick_j007 10:35 13 Jul 2004

Hello all,

I am having to re-choose a domain name for a dog behaviourism business after the one I had settled for and indeed purchased I discovered was already owned by another person only a couple of counties away in the .Com version (I had the This is too close for comfort so I shall not stick with the name. I did research the .com but had somehow convinced myself they were U.S. based.

My problem now is trying to find a name that works well and is available in the .com/

All the 'best' ones have gone of course, and I am at the point of looking blankly at the screen wondering what to use!

My question is, how important is the actual name of the business when it comes to picking up custom from the internet?

An easily remembered domain name will help when they see my literature/sign written car for sure, but if someone was searching on barking dog and I'm called for example is that such a big issue? I'm assuming I need the words barking and dog in the list of keywords.

So, I'm beginning to think that I could choose a domain name that is less descriptive, like for example and rely on people who do not know of me to find me via keywords on the internet search.

I hope I am making some sense out of this. I'm looking for your personal views on the matter and some insight on how it all works.

Many thanks in advance,


  zoomer 10:57 13 Jul 2004

If you want custom from people searching for key words/terms then your domain name will certainly be a factor in this. Difficult to quantify as your overall strategy will determine a lot. It is a whole discipline in itself, that of search engine optimisation. There is lots on the web about this.

  AndyDy 12:53 13 Jul 2004

I I offer no expertise but from personal experience can add that I get to websites via three routes:
1. I know the company already so guess their address and will seach if a couple of guesses fail to find it
2. I see the url advertised or linked from elsewhere
3. I search Google (mainly)

Only in 1 is the names in the address of any great significance so I recommend go for a unique name that is memorable - isn't there something in a 101 dalmations that is appropriate? twilight barking or something?

  nick_j007 14:21 13 Jul 2004

Thank you both.

So my domain name would be a factor in hits to my site, in other words it would pay to be relevant to the line of work I'm in. is going to better than (right?)
Most of my work would come from word of mouth/referrals I expect, so the web site is there as a back up. I don't want to get too hung up on the web site name but it is important as it will inter-relate to all my marketing and company name. No good having a company name as a soul trader if I can't have the domain name to match is it?

I'll look into search engine optimisation then.

Three ways to get there. I agree. To have something memorable is important to me, it needs to be descriptive too (the name would explain what I do).
Just that all those unique names that are memorable and say what I do in the title I'm finding are gone! Believe me, I have pages of names that have either gone or just not quite right.

Twilight barking he he. I actually quite like that.

Maybe I should set up a prize for the best accepted name?



  Forum Editor 18:54 13 Jul 2004

about discussing your choice of names in a public web forum. It's not unknown for people to find that the great name they talked about in a forum has already been registered - often on the same day - by someone else. Shortly afterwards they may be contacted by someone asking if they want to buy the name - for an inflated sum. I'm sure nobody in this forum would be so underhanded, but it's best to be safe, so keep your ideas to yourself.

If you are going to operate as a sole trader you would be well advised to pick your domain name first, and then use that as your trading name. Go for an inventive name - like purpledog (but not that!) and then try to register the .com and versions of it. Don't use the .com name for your site, it will lose you traffic because people will perceive you as an American business. I doubt that it's essential to have the word 'dog' anywhere in the name, there are lots of other possibilities.

  nick_j007 21:17 13 Jul 2004


Thank you very much for your input. All the names I have used are of course ficticious :-)

As a soul trader I am indeed trying to sort the domain name first (hence the headaches!) Perhaps it's time I started thinbking 'out of the box' on the name front then!

Thank you all for the input. As always a great forum and web site :-)


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