Thoughts on Service Desk setup?

  johnlondon82 13:05 11 Jul 2019

Hey, one for those in the world of Service Desk.

I work for a huge, global aviation brand. I'm in the holiday side of the business, rather than the cargo.

We have circa 1200 employees circa 3-4000 tickets a month circa 95% of those get closed off within the month The service desk team is currently 15 strong. It's split into 1st and 2nd line. 1st doing the logging and information gathering, the 2nd doing triage and hopefully a fix. Escalation to 3rd line/infrastructure from there.

We're looking at shaking things up. Personally, I want to bin the 1st/2nd line split. I see it as an absolute waste of time - everyone should be at the same level of skill (in house training can be provided) and the rest should rely on strong documentation for known issues, processes and procedures.

Others want to keep the split as it's the way it's been done for a while.

Thoughts on split (let's call it 70/30 split going to 1st/2nd line respectively), versus having all the guys able to answer the phone, triage and potentially close first time?

Go! :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:33 12 Jul 2019

Agree really only two levels needed.

1st Email / phone operatives to deal with the ID 10 T errors and self applied fixes

2nd to deal with the complicated stuff that also may require an on site visit.

  Gordon Freeman 14:05 12 Jul 2019

I don't think this is as simple as you might think.

There are a whole load of business impacts & risks here.

Why do you want it to change? Is it a whim or something you just happen to think is a 'good idea'?

You don't mention where you sit in the organisation so it's difficult to gauge your wider level of understanding.

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