Thoughts on networking plse

  Yoda Knight 10:51 12 Apr 2005

I am going to set up a second pc to host my web pages, hold my files, be an FTP server, and supply an internet conenction for my main pc (XP). I will have it stashed away in my loft, so it wont be easily accesable and wont have a mouse, keyboard and screen. It will I want to be able to control it from my main PC (PC Anywhere or VNC).

Any thoughts on what OS to use ? I am toying with the idea of using Suse Linux, but VNC is rather slow I find and I'm not really clued up on Linux (but want to learn). Also how does Linux compare to Microsoft only setups for internet connection, file and printer sharing ?

Your thoughts/comments would be appreciated

  Yoda Knight 12:29 12 Apr 2005

Come on... I'm not asking for blood here ! ;)

  Indigo 1 13:01 12 Apr 2005

Sorry can't offer much but have you tried the 'Networking Forum' ? click here

  Yoda Knight 13:07 12 Apr 2005

Nope, I think its more of a software question than a real network question

  Yoda Knight 13:51 12 Apr 2005

Nobody else got anything to say ?

  Yoda Knight 14:41 12 Apr 2005

Guess not....

Thanx for the feedback guys. :(

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