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  Erle 21:27 23 Aug 2003

Hi all. If you log on to my website click here you will realise that I am among the wrinkly's brigade. I would welcome any feed back on what you think. Not on content as most of you will have never heard of most of the people and items that are mentioned but just on layout, links to other pages, downloading times etc.
Thanks Ray

  mrfield 22:30 23 Aug 2003

Hi Ray,

On an initial look I'd say you've done a good job. Nice and clear with quite a 'funky' background.

One thing I would look at changing at the links on the pictures. Your e-mail image has a hyperlink, but the other three don't. Might be an idea to add the links to the other three images.

The favourite music page title graphic doesn't appear - this is because it refers to a file on your own computer. It will show up on your PC, but not on others. You'll need to upload the file and change the link. The same thing is true for the TV and Films pages.

This is a common error though, so please don't be put off. Keep up the good work.

  Forum Editor 23:46 23 Aug 2003

have heard of the people you mention, although some of us may differ when it comes to our favourite performers/TV programmes etc.

It's not just on the music page that images/graphics don't load - it happens on other pages too. The reason is as stated by mrfield - images and graphics must be included in your web on the server, they can't load if they're still on your hard drive.

Ther best way to deal with this is to create a folder in your web called 'images'. Place all the images and graphics that you are using on the pages into the folder and then place them on the page. I don't know which web design software you're using, but most of them allow you to simply drag the images from the folder to the page - or you can copy and paste them. The design package will then take care of updating the links, so that the image loads smoothly from the folder when the page loads.

I found your site interesting if a little over-busy. It's very tempting to use all those wipes and dissolves, and to make each page have a different background, but it doesn't make for a very professional look. I suggest that you experiment and see how much better the site would look with the same background on each page - preferably a 'quiet' or plain one. Make the font the same on each page, and don't use bold for the names etc. - people will assume they're hyperlinks.

Play around with the look of it and you'll end up with a far more impressive site - in web design simplicity is everything, it's the content that should dominate, not the background and flashy effects.

  Erle 22:00 24 Aug 2003

Thanks for your feed back. I am now working on the suggestions that you both made and will let you know when I have finished.
One for the Forum Editor:- I only said most people may not have heard of these items because I take it that the vast majority of members are very much younger than I.
Thanks again

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