Thoughts on Hons or MCSE

  zoomer 14:40 13 Jul 2004

Having just attained BSc Comp Networking ('with distinction' I might add..:=)..) and not having secured employment I will soon be faced with the choice of doing an Honours degree or not....I see employers asking for MCSE etc so I`m wondering whether the best route is to supplement my degree with MCSE/MCSA or do Hons year. Personally I feel that the Hons is the most 'worthy' qualification but employer perception may not agree?
Anyone any insight?

  Scillonia 15:01 13 Jul 2004

Go with the Honours, every Tom, Dick and Harry doing MCSE, and in my opinion the standards are dropping in this certification with the introduction of MCSE boot camps get people passed the exams without the in depth knowledge ie training to pass the test not to do the job
Sorry but only a small rant.

  zoomer 15:05 13 Jul 2004

Well I was kinda thinking that way myself but was a tad scared to say it quite so candidly.........:=) Though it DOES seem employers/laypersons view MCSE etc as worthy. IMHO tho a few weeks at one of these boot camps can no way be equivalent to 3 yrs and solid theoretical constucts+heavy data comms maths + hard core Linux...........oops I`m ranting as well....however as a measn to and end MCSE etc may be worthwhile

  Scillonia 15:14 13 Jul 2004

Having sat in on a few interviews I can say that we did not pay much attention at all to the quals, it was more important for us, to get the right type of person.
Good luck.

  zoomer 15:39 13 Jul 2004

hmmm, I have just applied for a job that I *should* get an interview now I need to max out on my interview techniques,model ansers to all those ridiculous HR dude questions.........'when was the last ime you worked in a team to resolve etc.'........

  spikeychris 17:29 13 Jul 2004

Scillonia, fully agree.

  zoomer 17:21 14 Jul 2004

I thought this thread may have been a tad more contentious.............:=)

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