thought blaster worm was gone

  fstr 13:15 24 Oct 2003

just updated to xp as soon as connected to internet with btopenworld norton2004 found blaster but said deleted but still rpc closed comp down installed fix and patch left comp running connected to internet but disconnects does internet diconnect if not used please help as almost at reformat stage but will this stop infection happening again.

  rawprawn 13:49 24 Oct 2003

Go to control panel/network connections/properties/under the options tab look at the third box down in redial options make sure it is set to Never

  rawprawn 13:50 24 Oct 2003

The third box down is "Idle time before hanging up"

  Chegs ® 14:10 24 Oct 2003

I'm with Eclipse,yes most connections are reset if its not being used.I usually have net radio playing(keeps connection alive)and the virus will keep homing in on unprotected puters.I use DCOMBOBULATOR click here to switch off the exploitable part of windows.I also remove windows messenger(stops popups)UnPlug&Pray reduces exploits further.M$'s buggy,insecure OS's are slightly better off without all the "holes" allowing the scroats to use my machines for their own purposes.

  howard60 14:19 24 Oct 2003

your virus fixer cannot remove the virus in system restore and that will reinfect the pc immediately. Switch on and turn off system restore and then run your fixer - that should do the trick. If necessary keep hitting F8 as you start to go into safe mode and the virus will not disconnect you.

  Jester2K II 14:22 24 Oct 2003

How on earth does the virus reinfect the system from System restore (unless you run a Restore that is)???

This keeps being repeated but it not true. No virus can harm the PC from SR unless you Restore the virus back yourself....

I suggest the disconnection is to do with idle time as stated above and not the virus as fstr makes no mention of the shutdown problem and only of the disconnection problem.

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