A thought

  deepblueuk 19:12 02 Mar 2003

Just mulling over this thread again and a thought would it not be possible to add space between the TITLE of the posting and the MESSAGE, on the create new subject for discussion part of this page. something like YOUR COMPUTER, with the heading your computers operating system ie. windows 98 or xp and any other relervant information you have. i don't know if this would be as easy to do as it seems to me, it probably is not. But it might just encourage people to fill it in as there posting there problems. Deep

  deepblueuk 19:15 02 Mar 2003

apologies posted in the wrong place

  bremner 19:16 02 Mar 2003

It is easy because other forums do this.

The problem is that people change their set up so often it would be out of date quickly and therefore there would be a need to be the facility to update it.

  Taran 19:19 02 Mar 2003

This and similar ideas have been bounced around before.

Aside form the added work of implementing this sitewide as a usable facility, it would make the stored pages of this site considerably bigger than they already are.

There are agreat many pros and cons in this debate. Personally, I'm in favour of leaving the site more or less as it stands. It looks good, works well and from experience I already know that you could have a comprehensive selection of check boxes and radio buttons that would allow someone to select from a bunch of options which would identify their OS, chipset and so on - you'll always get people who don't or won't use the feature though.

It's not too much of a hardship at the end of the day to ask for a few more details, although I agree it can be a bit irritating at times.


  deepblueuk 19:20 02 Mar 2003

please ignore this posting it is now in it's proper place "A request to all forum members... "
posting by Powerless

  deepblueuk 19:21 02 Mar 2003

Bremner and Taran please excuse this mistake i have read and thank you both for your reply's

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