Those underlined Keywords

  hoverman 10:47 12 Oct 2003

I have read several posts in the past about these Keywords and have never seen them - that is until I logged on to the Forum this morning. Where have they been hiding all this time? Interesting to see that they are underlined in black and not green as stated - the Keywords themseves are green.

  hoverman 11:40 12 Oct 2003

OK, I have just re-read the Keyword statement and realise it can be interpreted both ways.

  broggs 11:45 12 Oct 2003

I've never seen them.....where are they??????

  hoverman 11:57 12 Oct 2003

No idea! Can't imagine why they should suddenly appear this morning since nothing has changed on my system overnight. No doubt those more knowledgable than I can offer an explanation.

  hoverman 11:58 12 Oct 2003

Meant to say 'No idea where they were before today'

  broggs 12:15 12 Oct 2003

I'm using the mozilla browser at the moment and can't see them.I've just tried opera and I.E and I still can't see them.

  roy 12:20 12 Oct 2003

I think that it depends on your cookie controls.

It did for me. Try setting your controls to a minimum or even off and see if it makes a difference. (and then reset them if you wish!)

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