For those thinking of Dell XPS 17inch laptop (performance laptop) - my thoughts

  herc182 10:56 12 Mar 2012

FYI I was asking on here as to what power laptop to get ( After much consideration and having owned a Dell laptop before, I plopped for the aforementioned. I am writing this for the benefit of those who are also looking for a performance laptop

This is the exact model I got:

In terms of first impressions I cant say I have any negatives!

  • VERY fast laptop (albeit some software I think is limited by the programming rather than the speed of the laptop

  • Intelligent processor and fans (processor speeds up as required - the fans generally silent unless the processor speeds up - very good)

  • Long battery life when using it for internet browsing or low intensity 2D work (e.g. microsoft word)

  • Amazing screen (not the 3D version). Simply stunning. Its NOT reflective (my previous dell was quite glossy by comparison) and the resolution is astounding. Very bright - I rarely have it at full brightness, probably 50-75%

  • sound quality is excellent. The base is not jaw dropping if you are expecting to nail down your furniture, but when you consider it’s a laptop, it is truly excellent - and very loud.

  • keyboard is very good. Like the tactile feel (almost a matt grip to it) and doesn’t smear

  • aluminium finish is excellent

  • connectivity very good again. it misses a VGA out for projectors. Only has a HDMI port to that end.

  • Large battery means the laptop slopes towards you making typing a lot easier

Minor gripes: - arrow keys - up and down arrows half size - Graphics card - There seems to be an issue where, if the Intel card is set to low power consumption, it causes the screen to flicker (more like black out akin to when you switch resolutions). The solution to this was to set it to "balanced" power/ battery. No issues since.

  birdface 11:24 12 Mar 2012

Good review but would probably have been better put in Consumerwatch. herc1

Ideal for those looking to buy the same type of laptop but at that sort of price you would expect it to be good although that is not always the case.

I usually buy from e-buyer or Amazon but got one from Aldi's last year and not really impressed with that one.

Daughter just asked me to look out for a cheapish laptop that she can get for her son for Xmas.[early shopping but I suppose better spreading it out over the year cost wise.]

I said that he would loose out on the years warranty so I think that may have put her off.

  herc182 11:41 12 Mar 2012

Apologies. You are probably right on forum use.

WRT to the cost - i got a good deal. £830 (extended warranty also). Got a corporate discount, but the bulk of the discount was from dell (which they are still running).

With everything, Dell is not perfect, but I have had good experiences so can only comment on that - and therefore recommend them.

What I WOULD note is that their delivery is NOT sustainable. It came from china, to korea, to Kazhakstan, to poland, to germany, to London to me!

  birdface 14:41 12 Mar 2012

How long did the delivery take.I did hear that it could be up to a month if they don't have them in stock.

What happens if it has to go back.Is it the same journey in reverse.or does it just go to Dell Uk.

  frybluff 15:27 12 Mar 2012

I recently bought one, and had a "panic attack" when the order ack. quoted 6 weeks del. I was straight on the phone, to have a moan, and was told (it's nice to actually talk to a human being who speaks English) that was an automated system, and I should wait a couple of days for it to be "updated", by production.

After a few days, I went back on their site, to check if del HAD been updated, and the doorbell rang, and it was UPS with my laptop. In all, it had taken 6 DAYS, from order. I don't think that's too bad, to configure and deliver. I hope parts are as good, should they be required.

I would generally agree with Herc182's comments about the laptop, and would add that, when I had a software problem, setting it up, Dell Tech Support were extremely helpful.

  herc182 15:27 12 Mar 2012

Order placed late on 25/02/12 and received laptop first thing in the morning on 01/03/12. Very quick delivery.

If there is a problem, Dell uk deal with it (i.e. an engineer comes to your house and fixes it)

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