For those on Dial-Up and WinXP

  woodchip 12:15 28 May 2004

This may help them on WinXP!!!!!!! Do not disable DNS in services as this will severely affect your surfing and download speed. It will restrict the speed you can download to nearly half the speed by disabling it.

  Djohn 12:48 28 May 2004

Good information as usual woodchip. ;o)

  deke 13:13 28 May 2004

Could you please tell me wmere services are as i am rather new to xp home



  deke 13:14 28 May 2004

sorry that should read where services are

  techpro 13:30 28 May 2004

DNS is used to look up the address of a site, i.e. convert click here to or whatever it is. This usually comes from your ISP DNS server anyway. It can't possibly affect download speed, which is dependent on the type of connection you have, quality of line etc.

  Djohn 13:54 28 May 2004

I think that woodchip is referring to the fact of the DNS keeping the name in the cache so that your PC will look there first rather than having to go and search for the number then convert it to a web address. So in effect it will be quicker.

I think I've understood the function correct but not absolutely sure. j.

  woodchip 14:14 28 May 2004

Go to Control Panel\ Double click on Administrative tools double click on Services\DNS right click\properties make sure it is set to automatic

  Graham ® 14:17 28 May 2004

More on DNS click here

  Stuartli 14:27 28 May 2004

Seems to me like a case of causing worry and confusion where previously there was none...

  Graham ® 14:28 28 May 2004

Mmm, interesting! Extract from above link:

By default, the resolver accepts responses even from servers it did not query. This could present a possible security liability, as an unauthorized DNS server might pass along invalid resource records to misdirect DNS queries.

  techpro 14:48 28 May 2004

It can also cache negative responses resulting from not receiving an answer to the query, which can lead to sites appearing to unavailable when a second try can get through. It can also disable a DNS server altogether if it's too slow to respond, leaving you unable to access anything since most ISPs only provide two servers.

In theory, DNS caching should speed up access to web pages but it's probably unmeasurable. The only difference I've noticed since disabling the DNS Client service is fewer errors accessing servers.

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