For those Asking For Help

  woodchip 10:51 25 Jan 2006

This is just a Note, For those posting a Thread for Help. The helpers on the Forum are giving there time Free Gratis, From knowledge accumulated over years of working with Computer and Book reading. But no matter how we try, we do not always get it right. Do not forget the Computer is on your desk not ours, this makes it all the more frustrating with trying to help you, so if you can give as much detail as you can, and please to not say that this is OK like if you get lights on a computer and fans and drives work. This does not mean that the PSU is OK. Please try suggestions that are offered, and do not take things for granted.

We want to Help, but please listen when we speak. If you have a Problem Do not try to answer it your self after posting a thread. As above we are not perfect by any means so be patient.

And Please make the thread post clear on what your problem is

  MichelleC 11:20 25 Jan 2006

Seconded, and bump.

  PC Bilbo 11:29 25 Jan 2006

Just to add to woodchip's valid plea please please
also , if your problem is resolved, post a brief note on which suggestion cured your particular problem as this could aid others with a similar problem.

  rawprawn 11:38 25 Jan 2006

Here, Here !!!

  Totally-braindead 11:41 25 Jan 2006

And in the details you give of your problem, the specification we usually need are, speed of processor, how much memory you have and operating system ie Windows XP, Windows 98 etc. And depending on the problem whether you have onboard graphics or what graphics card you have and the antivirus software you use.

  woodchip 11:46 25 Jan 2006

What is irritating, is when they ask for help then start telling us,

"That's no good"

Why ask for help if they know the answer!

  Yoda2002 12:06 25 Jan 2006

agree i do with this post

  xania 12:37 25 Jan 2006

Also, once you've got the answer, please click the <resolved> button

  raggy 2 12:44 25 Jan 2006

Hey I would like to say a big thanks to all you experts that have given me advice over the past year on this site, I appreciate you all having taken time out to help.

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