Thorough ScanDisk at every start up

  Addie 14:16 14 Sep 2003

I have a computer operating with Windows Me. For the last couple of weeks it has decided to automatically run through a Thorough ScanDisk everytime it is switched on dispite the fact that it was switched off correctly. I have tried to alter the ScanDisk selection from Thorough to Standard at least, but to no avail as everytime it resets itself to Thorough again. I usually run the Norton version of ScanDisk when necessary and this software gives the computer a clean bill of health apart from in the windows registry scan where it reports 2 problems,
Invalid ActiveX/COM Entries
the key, "PlayerFrameClass\shell\open\command" refers to an invalid command entry "C:WINDOWS\PLAY32.EXE%1
and The key "ViewerFrameClass\shell\open\command" refers to an invalid command entry "C:WINDOWS\PLAY32.EXE%1"

The Program Integrity scan also report 2 missing files
"C:ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\InstallShield\Proffessional\RunTime\0701\Intel32\DotNetInstaller.exe" and
"C:ProgramFilesCommonFiles\StreetwiseShared\WEBBROWSE.EXE" cannot access a necessary file "vb40032.dll."

I wasn't sure how to sort it out and whether I should reinstall Windows from the disk that came with the computer to rectify the problem. Any thoughts how to help at all would be gratefully received.

  holly polly 14:31 14 Sep 2003

of all the problems with scandisk non is more prevelant than win ME ,there are varios fixes available from microsoft ,most available by windows update ,if you havent updated your copy of me then this should be your first port of call if you goto microsofts site
click here;EN-US;273017
try this it will tell u everthing you want to know -hol pol...

  holly polly 14:39 14 Sep 2003

ps type in 273017 in the search box ,the only way to stop scandisk is to let it finish ,best done by booting into safe mode and then running the through scandisk ,this is a potentially long labourious task best undertaken at night ,boot into safe mode click on scandisk in system tools set it running ,leave overnight running and hopefully everything will be well in the morning -pick the option of scandisk automaticaly fix errors ,and make sure you get the ide cache windows update .-hol pol...

  choffe 14:43 14 Sep 2003

check out your task sceduler, find it by pressing Start-Programs-Acessories-System tools-Sceduled tasks, it may be programmed to run, if it is just right click on item and delete it.
hope it helps..

  holly polly 14:45 14 Sep 2003

incidently what make is the hdd ,as most hdd manafacturers have a diagnostic tool that checks the hdd integrity -useful to verify if your hdd has a suspect problem ,provide the hdd make and i will point u to the right place -hol pol...

  Addie 19:07 15 Sep 2003

Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried the Task Scheduler, and the ScanDisk isn't listed there. I have also tried to download any updates from the Microsoft site but the page keeps freezing as it is downloading. I have tried unsuccessfully several times now, firstly freezing on 33% download and then on 66%. When each connection remained still for around 5 mins I gave up and started again but again the 66% seems a stumbling block.
The hard drive incidently is a 40GB Maxtor DMA100.

  holly polly 14:03 16 Sep 2003

click here
try this,this is maxtors own diagnostic utility -powerblast-hol pol...

  alcudia 14:59 16 Sep 2003

Try this click here for a possible solution to your update problem.

  slide 15:29 16 Sep 2003

You will probably have to replace the file "vb40032.dll.
It's possible that you could use "System Restore" to restore your OS to a time when you know that it was working fine.
Can't remember if WME has "System File Checker" included. But if it does, that would also be an option.
Go to the "start" menu, then "Run", type in SFC, and see if it comes up.
Try these two solutions, and post back later.

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