ThomsonRouter from TalkTalk

  sheila.weston 22:53 18 Mar 2010

I have been reading click here about an EchoLife router from TalkTalk. They have sent me a *free* Thomson TG585v7 4 port wireless Router and i am feeling rather nervous about connecting it in case I have similar problems.

At the moment I have a wired Dynamode R-ADSL-C4-2 router which appears to be working OK, although I do have problems connecting in the evenings sometimes.

According to the instructions i just connect it and plug it into the mains and telephone cable. It is said to be 'already configured and ready for use'. If it doesn't work and I have to go back to the Dynamode should this still work OK? Also, if it is wireless, why does their diagram of the connections show a cable going to the ethernet connection on the laptop?

Many thanks for any help.

  mgmcc 08:22 19 Mar 2010

Connecting a different router shouldn't cause a problem if you do need to revert to your existing router.

When making any changes to the "wireless" settings in a router, it should always be done while connected by ethernet cable, not wirelessly. The reason for this is that, as soon as the changes are saved, the current settings become invalid and a wireless connection will crash.

The changes you may want to change in the wireless settings are the SSID (network name), Channel Number (in case of interference from other wireless devices) and the Security (WEP/WPA/WPA2). The default settings for these should be OK for you to get started though.

  sheila.weston 15:01 20 Mar 2010

Right, I have now taken the plunge and connected up the router. There are now four steady green lights on the router. But when I disconnected the ethernet cable the internet connection appeared to work for a few minutes and then I lost it. I have connected it again to write this, but I notice that the green light is flashing very slowly. What does this mean?

  sheila.weston 15:23 20 Mar 2010

I have just tried again and an error window came upp saying that if I wanted wireless capability I sould turn on a switch 'usually found at the side of the computer'. I have a Toshiba satellite L35o-171 laptop and can't see a switch.

Going to the network Connections window, there is a cross over the wireless network connection icon, but right clicking gives only the disable option. What do I do now?

  onthelimit 15:56 20 Mar 2010

Sheila - I think you use the Fn key with F8 to toggle the wireless on and off.

  mgmcc 23:19 20 Mar 2010

You don't say which version of Windows you're using but, in general, you need to use the wireless software to find "Available Wireless Networks", select the one whose SSID (network name) matches that of your router and click the "Connect" button in the dialog box. If there is security enabled (WEP/WPA) you'll be prompted to enter the 'key' and should then connect. Any default WEP/WPA key should either be in the router's manual or on a label on the underside of the router.

  sheila.weston 12:12 21 Mar 2010

Many thanks, mgmcc. I hadn't looked on the bottom of the router for the key. BUT There are lots of numbers including BULK< MAC and one called modem access code, which sounds like the one to use. I have tried all of them several times and none appear to work. I have been onto the website where they suggest rebooting etc, but still no luck. I will email TalkTALK and check the key no.

  sheila.weston 13:23 24 Mar 2010

I had a very helpful reply from TalkTalk, including how to find the key on their websight. It transpired that the encryption key required was called WPA PSK and it was on the *other* label at the bottom of the Thomson router.

problem solved! Thanks for your help.

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