THOMSON TG585 v7 prob re-configuring.

  bluemoon69 14:00 02 Dec 2010

Hi all and thanks in advance.
Now having paid for my router through Plusnet. Am now trying to use it where i am now Thailand.
I have reset my router but when i connect to there gateway to reconfigure for where i am, it still keeps coming up with all Plusnet info on. I should be able to reconfigure for wherever i am in the world and have done so many times before with a different router than this one. So please tell me how i can remove all the plusnet details from it so i can start from scratch.
As when i go to select a service i would expect these to be blank or other and in the description box below would be nothing in there about plusnet or uk ect. But it is only plusnet and region uk, so will not work as when i goto the next page i want PPPoE which you can do but the prob is i want to set the VPI/VCI to 1.32, which is not available as it is a drop down box with only 3 available.
Help me folks im stuck on how to get rid of the plusnet.
Once again many thanks and kind regards

  mgmcc 21:59 03 Dec 2010

As the router was bought from Plusnet, it may well have been customised (i.e. "locked") for use only with their ADSL service. You *might* be able to update its firmware with a generic version from the manufacturer's website to get rid of the Plusnet version.

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