ThinkPad 600 Trackpoint buttons

  Chris the Ancient 19:35 18 May 2004

Been bumbling along quite happily with my ThinkPad 600/2645/45U running on 98SE for quite a while. It's my in-car system.

Only a slight niggle. With the trackpoint device, there are three buttons to represent the three mouse buttons. I would like to configure the (currently non-functioning) third button to be the 'double-click' button.

However, search as I may, I cannot find a meaningful driver that will allow me to do this. I have found (I hope) a 'contact' facility to ask IBM, but I'm not 100% certain that I found the right one or that I will get a reply.

Has any nice person out there had the same 'problem' and found a driver?


  Gemma 19:43 18 May 2004

Chris, have you tried click here ?

  Chris the Ancient 20:05 18 May 2004

Sorry to be slow getting back.

I visited the link. So far so good!

Read the instructions on the opening page.

Downloaded the file. Still so far so good.

Then... I couldn't really see any relationship between what was downloaded and what was written about!

Was it me or them, I have to ask.


  Gemma 20:47 18 May 2004

Unzip the download to find the "readme". Follow the words for your OS. The "diskette" is virtual, browse to the folder with the unziped files. It's not you, it's IBM (I had 25 years practice before I got a real job....)

  Chris the Ancient 21:06 18 May 2004

More with it now.

If I had hair, I was having a bad hair day!

The ThinPad is sitting in a corner defragging at the moment - so it will be awhile before I try it (if at all tonight - I need a large glass of chilled white - I did say it had not been a good day!).

And I'll even do it by making a sloppy disk and transferring it from this ma/c to the lappie!

Thanks for the help and forgive an old man for being in THAT sort of mood!



  Chris the Ancient 21:07 18 May 2004

ThinPad = ThinkPad

Shall also close the htread for now as I'm sure that is the answer


  Chris the Ancient 21:28 18 May 2004

Done it all, and I still can't access the third button!


  Chris the Ancient 09:00 19 May 2004

In the cold, hard light of day, and recovered from a pupil doing her darndest to wreck my car yesterday (scraped alloy wheel, blown tyre and side strip door bumpers scraped down some Armco barrier!) I've had another go.

On Google I found a site...

http: // (without the spaces)

That gave me some more drivers to choose from.

Chose trackptw.exe, followed the instructions and loaded it. Surprisingly, my lappie reckoned it was not the best match software, but I thought 'what the heck' and loaded it.

I know have access to my third button!

What a pity that double-click isn't one of the options for it!

Oh well...


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