ThinkPad 600 keyboard layout

  Chris the Ancient 10:23 26 Jan 2004

I have a nice second-user ThinkPad 600 for work in the car. I got it from LaptopShop and have had good service from them over it.

But... (that dreaded word)

It has a US keyboard and I would prefer a UK one.

I know I can prise off the key 'tops' and put different ones on - but where can the common everyday man get them? Can't find anything like it in Google apart from buying a whole keyboard (from America?)

Is there a great resting place in the sky where redundant laptops go to die? A friend gave me an old and very dead ThinkPad 2628. The keyboard looks identical. But, the key 'tops' have a completely different fixing! (I can't use the keyboard from that lappie because it is disfunctional.)

Any ideas on how to find the tops for a TP600 would be gratefully read and followed up - but probably not until this evening (latish) when I get back home.



  Chris the Ancient 15:17 26 Jan 2004

bump before I have to go out again...


  johnnyrocker 15:20 26 Jan 2004

cant it be reconfugured in regional settings in control panel?


  Chris the Ancient 15:29 26 Jan 2004

Yup. It's configured to be UK, but there are times when I can't remember that it's <shift> + F3 for the pound sign - especially when the keyboard says that should be the hash sign!

Hence the desire for a keyboard that reflects life.


ps now I *must* go out ;o)

  Chris the Ancient 18:57 26 Jan 2004

I'm home now - so able to keep up to date with the thread

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