ARTY DAN 08:29 12 Dec 2005

I have an evesham axis, I bought it in May 2003

I have a 19" CRT monitor but won't be selling that it is excellent


AMD ATHLON 2700+ processor
512MB memory PC 2700
120GB hard drive
ATI radeon 9500 graphics card 128mb memory
52/34/52 cd rewriter
DVD rom, I have recently bought and installed a dvd rewriter and didn't really want to sell that with the p.c.
but I guess I could add the cost of that on and the p.c. would be more sellable. It is a good drive any advice whether to keep it or add it on.
floppy drive
4 USB ports
56K built in modem
digital adaptor for a TFT screen
it has video sockets not sure exactly what they are called but I do have all the necessary cables for video.
it has 5 months left on the warranty which is onsite I need to find out if that is transferrable.
can anyone give me an idea of what its worth I am thinking of putting it on ebay and advertisng it in local newsagents loot, quids in, etc


  Stuartli 11:08 12 Dec 2005

You already got a similar thread running, but it correctly states you want to sell an existing system rather than a new one and then get a new one...:-)

  jack 11:54 12 Dec 2005

The general rule with second hand goods of reasonble
vintage -in IT kit case approx 24 months

sell for 33% of cost buy for 66%

For anything older in the IT world any thing older
is probably unsaleable except for breaking such is the rate of advance and the ever lowering prices of new.

  spuds 12:15 12 Dec 2005

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