Thinking of Getting Sky

  Foxwold 23:14 26 Oct 2006

Is anyone thinking about getting Sky at the Moment, if so post here please.

  NoIdea21 02:29 27 Oct 2006

I have Sky and in my opinion it is a great system.
The only thing I would sugest is that you pay your bill by invoice, not DD/CREDIT CARD.
This way you get to check your bill first, This is only my opinion but Sky seem to request DD's when it suits them even though you may have not even seen a bill, So you don't know what to expect.

  Foxwold 08:31 27 Oct 2006

Sorry mate misunderstanding, I am looking to recommend someone to Sky so I can get a Sky plus box & they get a half price sky plus box.

Ta though

  Andsome 08:48 27 Oct 2006

I have had Sky for just over a year. In my opinion it costs an awful lot of money for a load of rubbish. I was on the £24 pack and never watched probably 90% of the channels that I was paying for. I have now cancelled the subscription, and in future will watch the free view channels on the Sky box.

  johnnyrocker 09:25 27 Oct 2006

duff posting and this site is for pc related issues not advertising/trading


  Foxwold 14:41 27 Oct 2006

Sorry this has affected your life so much Jonny, feel free to report a guy who is only looking to give himself & someone else a break.

  SANTOS7 14:48 27 Oct 2006

Can understand your generosity but there are certain protocols you need to adhere to within this forum Foxwold and what you are doing is not within those bounds, best bet is to nip down the pub and offer you service there..

  Foxwold 15:02 27 Oct 2006

Whats the harm? Have I spat in someones face?

  SANTOS7 15:08 27 Oct 2006

No harm, but there is a right place to do what you are suggesting and i and probably others think this is not the right place.
If this is allowed it will open the door for all and sundry to offer similar, there are rules to follow and i would say you are on the boundary to those rules.
please don't be offended there is nobody here that is going to "have a go at you" we are hoping that you will respect the advice that is given to you..

  Marleyman 17:39 27 Oct 2006

You absolutley NEED sky plus. You can pause Live TV, record 2 yes TWO channels at once and it has a 40gb HDD that is enough for about 40 hrs TV.
Simply the best and you can get Sky Broadband for free too. AND you can download movies from thier website.

  Foxwold 17:49 27 Oct 2006

I dont live in a area where I can get free sky broad band, but its funny I can pay for it.

It is also funny that I dont live in a area where cable is too, so there are no competitors for them thus no need to offer them anything for free.

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