Thinking of changing my ISP

  bumpkin 18:40 24 Aug 2013

Hi all, I am thinking of changing my ISP, currently with TalkTalk but a lot of better deals available elsewhere. Am considering EE as they offer free anytime phone calls including mobiles as well as unlimited broadband for £12pm plus the line rental (says up to 16mb on Adsl but I doubt I will get much more than 6)

Also considering fibre optic but told it's a waste of my money if I do not need a super fast connection, I do not do much heavy downloading but would it just speed things up noticeably for general use.

I changed about 10yrs ago and seem to remember some difficulties.

Anyone got any general advice on the whole thing please, I have done research on the net but not really had much personal advice.

  wiz-king 18:58 24 Aug 2013

If you can have fibre the go for it - with everything using up more bandwidth every few years the you might need it soon.

I am happy with Virgin and BT - I have two ISP's - Virgin fibre and BT fibre to the cab both give me good service and I have had no real problems with either. I needed a new virgin modem after they upped the line dB's and it was fitted by an engineer in next day.

  bumpkin 19:14 24 Aug 2013

I have checked and I can get fibre, the box is only about 40mtrs away but do I need it unless downloading masses of video.

" Virgin fibre and BT fibre to the cab" sorry but I do not understand what that means which is why I am seeking advice.

Thanks for the quick reply, I may go for fibre anyway as it is clearly the way forward, just trying to get some general opinions before proceeding.

  bumpkin 20:38 24 Aug 2013

TalkTalk offer a freeview box but is it any different to any other freeview which I already have. They claim it's normal cost is £299 which is more than I paid for my TV/monitor/freeview all in one screen about a year back, just another sales ploy I expect unless it has something better to offer. Don't know, need advice please

  martd7 21:55 24 Aug 2013

The youview box as far as im aware is a recordable freeview box,like sky plus you can pause ffwd rewind etc,i don't think it has any more programs than the usual freeview box

  bumpkin 23:21 24 Aug 2013

mart7, thanks for your reply, that is what I thought regarding programs. I can do all of the other functions on one of my other TVs anyway so that makes the talktalk TV deal of little use if any. This is the kind of information I am looking for and your input has been most helpful.

  [DELETED] 23:22 24 Aug 2013

Re the freeview box

If you pay extra ( boosts ) you can get extra sky channels. e.g. kids selection, films, sport.

click here

  [DELETED] 23:25 24 Aug 2013

This is probably a better page for the boosts.

click here we do have talktalk broadband, we also have sky sports seperate.


  Aitchbee 00:05 25 Aug 2013

bumpkin - I haven't changed my ISP, but I've recently upgraded [ I had no choice 'cos virgin officially stopped their dial-up service this May ] from dial-up to 30mb fibre broadband connection speeds, and have found that the ' browsing speeds' vary by quite a margin, on 4 'similar set-up' XP computers. 2 are very fast and 2 are very slow.

The upgrade was done in 2 hours by the Virgin engineer, as all the optical fibre cables had already been pre-cabled about 12 years ago , right up to my outside door.

I like to use 'Youtube' now, so it's good for that, I suppose.

  bumpkin 00:37 25 Aug 2013

Aitchbee, hi again I have been told by a mate, long term BT engineer that there is no point in having fibre unless you have a PC that can deal with it whatever that means. May explain why some of yours are slow and others fast. He is coming round in the next few days to check out my whole set up. I am just trying to get some info from people that I can trust. I phoned one company to ask a simple question but they seem obsessed with selling me something ignoring my original question. Makes me reluctant to phone any others.

  bumpkin 14:50 25 Aug 2013

Anyone else please before I vanish into obscurity.

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