Thinking of buying an internal Blu Ray drive

  iqs 16:35 02 Mar 2009


I'm considering purchasing the following Blu-ray drive for my PC.
click here#

Your opinions please,also,is there any recommended free Blu-ray playback software available.

I have read some reviews for this unit on the American Amazon site.A number make negative comments of the supplied software.


  citadel 18:34 02 Mar 2009

I would wait and see what's in the box as software included with drives is sometimes different.

  iqs 19:59 02 Mar 2009

thank you citadel

  iqs 22:03 02 Mar 2009

Thank you ßeta

  woodchip 23:01 02 Mar 2009

Ask your self do I need it! or is just to say you have one?

  iqs 12:21 03 Mar 2009

Hi woodchip,

I used to own a PS3,sold it(didn't like it much) but kept the films.
It would be nice to have a proper Blu-ray player,but this is cheaper.

So to answer your question,yes I do need it :-)


  iqs 12:24 03 Mar 2009

Forgot to add....

Blu ray plays films at 24fps,ideally you should have a 24fps HDTV.
Without this support some films can look distorted and jerky
Mu HDTV has everything else except the 24 support :-(

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