Thinking of buying this Hard drive..opinions pleas

  bof:) 01:20 12 May 2003

Hi All,

I've replaced motherboard and cable from MB to HD, refreshed master Boot Record and am still getting the following message:

'Bootup from ATAPI cd rom: Boot disk failure. Insert system disk Press enter'

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This hard drive is being sold for £75 at our local shop what do you think?

'Hard Disk Drive 80Gb IDE 7200RPM ATA 100 IDE Internal Fit - 40 Way Connector. > 5400rpm Spindle Speed. 80 Way high density conductor cable and appropriate controller support required for maximum performance.'

I am using windows 98se and have an Jetway 663AS Pro motherboard.

Can anyone forsee any problems? many thanks


that is a very high price and the disk cannot be 7200 + 5400rpm.

is there anything wrong with the old one, the message just means the system is trying to boot from the cdrom drive

  Holographic_man 10:33 12 May 2003

I think you will find that ATAPI is your bios may be out of date

  bof:) 17:23 12 May 2003

Hi All,

horiz5 I've downloade the 'Maxtor' diagnostic tests for my HD...results were:

Installation test : SMART attribute check..failed.

90 seconds test :SMART Proccess check...failure.

Advanced test...cerfificated error free.

I've emailed Maxtor with the error codes provided to see what they say.

Bios boot up sequence is correct A drive:C drive : cd-rom.

Holographic_man I've checked on the website for the Award bios I have. It is the latest they provide.

Thanks for the help, I'll let you know what Maxtor say because I'm running out of ideas.


  bof:) 18:18 12 May 2003


  mark e 20:09 12 May 2003

comp fair east london

Western digital 120gb 8meg chach 7200 £95 yesterday's price at time of visit

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