Thinking of adding more memory any advantage

  FatboySlim71 19:02 08 Feb 2005

I currently have a PC which has 512mb PC3200 DDR memory (400mhz) in 2x256mb modules.I mainly use my PC for DVD & CD work, digital photo editing,and surfing the net.For the uses I have listed would I see any improvement and if so what improvements would I notice.I am wanting to add another 512mb this would then give me 1gb,my PC currently has 2x256mb memory modules in it,I was wondering is it better to add 1 512mb memory module or 2x256mb modules like what is already in my PC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:06 08 Feb 2005

It will not make any discernible difference whether you use 1 x 512 or 2 x 256. Using 1 x 512 may be cheaper than buying 2 x 256 though.


  ade.h 19:06 08 Feb 2005

I really don't think you need it. I have 512mb for the kinds of tasks that you describe and it's plenty. The is a way of monitoring your RAM usage with a Windows service, or with a third-party program; other forum readers with particular knowledge of this could advise further.

  Jabba10 19:31 08 Feb 2005

Personally, I would add a second hard disk to use with your photo/video editing. This will have more of a noticable difference (as well as giving you much needed extra storage, if you're anything like me!)

  Curio 19:35 08 Feb 2005

from click here
Free software and you can keep an eye on your RAM useage while you work. Scroll down the page to find it

  ade.h 19:51 08 Feb 2005

I've had a look at Performance in Administrative Tools and you can create a RAM log there. In Performance, select Perf Logs and Alerts, then select Counter Logs. Click on the blank page that is now visible in the toolbar and give it a name (like RAM LOG). In the next window, click Add Counters, then select Memory in the Performance Object drop-down list. From the new list that appears below, select Available MBytes and click Add. Then Close. On the previous window that is now visible again, click Apply and OK. You'll find your new data logger by expanding Perf Logs and Alerts via the plus-sign.

Reply here if you need any more info.

  ade.h 20:02 08 Feb 2005

click here for a guide to the Management Console, which allows you to create and view system monitors that will be more in line with what you need.

  Totally-braindead 20:09 08 Feb 2005

I've seen a few tests in magazines, one I'm sure was PCA a few months ago but anyway all the articles I've read say that increasing the memory from 512 to 1024 gave an increase of about 5% I think it was, to performance using various types of programs. Therefore I think its a waste of money and you'd be better spending your cash on something else. If you check your hard drive and you have a 5400rpm one or even if you have a 7200rpm speed one but its only got a 2mb cache then buying a newer faster one would be a better buy. I have read tests about using one chip or two of memory and there is a difference but if I remember correctly it was so slight you wouldn't waste your money doing anything about it. The last article I read about it was in Computer Shopper magazine but I can't remember what issue it was.

  NoeK 20:20 08 Feb 2005

Ironic name isn't it?! ;)

Agree with you anyway, ive had 512 in this machine for a few months; i like to play games aswell. You'll benefit most if you like to have a lot of browsers and/or programs running at the same time, but then Windows cleverly manages that aswell with its multitasking.


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