Thinking about buying a video capture card.

  Red Devil 22:19 05 Jan 2003
  Red Devil 22:19 05 Jan 2003

Ok, I bougth a JVC digital camcorder back in May (a GR-DVL157) and now I've got a few hours of video I'd like to capture them to my computer and edit them.

The trouble is, I'm getting a bit confused by the advice I'm getting/reading. Most websites I've found seem to be very American oriented and are reccomending cards that are difficult/impossible to get in this country (UK) or are cnetered on 1 capture card in particular

I've pretty much decided that I want a card with Adobe Premier bundled but after that I'm not sure what to go for.

Plus I've read that certain cards can cause hardware conflicts - is this true?

So, what should I be looking for and just what are my options?

Alternatively, if some-one could point me towards some useful websites I would be very grateful..............

  SDJ 22:27 05 Jan 2003

I use the Pinnacle DV+ which includes the capture card and Studio8 software.
Cant fault it.

  3aspect 23:06 05 Jan 2003

I bought a firewire card that came with ulead software to connect a panasonic digi camcorder to,firewire card is excellent and cheap(under £20),but as sdj says pinnacle studio8 is the software to use.

  Jungle 08:51 08 Jan 2003


As everyone has said , Pinncale 8 is a good buy.
But there are many products out there, look at google and type in " Video editing " there are plenty of websites to read, which will help you to a) Begin to edit, and B) Choose the right package for you.

Other wise I would recommend spending GBP4 on a magazine somthing like " Camcorder User " , " Computer Video " and have a flick through their recomendations.." ULEAD, PINNACLE, MGM " just to name a few all have packages which will edit your footage with ease and are all about the same price. Personally I like Pinnacle Studio, I have used the others ( I started on MGM Videowave ) And I find Pinnacle to be one of the easiest to use and produces v.good results.

You dont have to use a bundled firewire card as 3 aspect has said for about GBP 20 you can pick a decent card which will take you minutes to slot into you PC...The choice is ofcourse yours.

With regards to compatability problems, as long as you go down the firewire route ( which you are ) you shouldnt have any problems at all.

If you are using Windows 98 you might have problems..if you are using Windows 98SE / ME / XP then the PC will recognise the card straight away.

Happy editing !


  shortcircuited 19:46 09 Jan 2003

how many cables do you need to connect to your digital camera, i have a panasonic mini dv and connected a firewire cable to the dv on my camcorder, i watch it on windows movie maker but am only getting unclear footage, where am i going wrong? my machine is evesham 1800 or something like that dvd etc

  Mysticnas 20:14 09 Jan 2003

You do not need a specific capture card. I'm not quite sure what your budget is or what you're going to do with it, be it for home use or for professional. I assume if you want Premiere you want to start getting into it professionaly?
Tell me.

anyways... I have Premiere and use a firewire connection to capture footage to my hard drive and edit it from there.

My sound card came with a firewire port so i didn't need to get another one. But i believe my brother picked up a firewire card (3 firwire sockets) for around £20. It's a PCI card so you'll need a free PCI slot.

If you want some simple editing software and you've got XP then use windows movie maker.

Tell us your system spec and i'll give you a propper run down on what you need or whether you can use what you've already got???

Tell us more mate.


  shortcircuited 21:15 09 Jan 2003

creative audigy soundcard with 5.1 speakers
ieee 1394 firewire. Toshiba dvd rom
i'm not really sure what info you need,
I want to be able to view video camera footage like i would if connecting my camera to tv , but i am only able to get unclear stuff using windows media, do i need to coonnect any other cables. I have only connected the firewire cable to the dv of my camcorder then played on windows media

thank you for your help

  Mysticnas 13:20 10 Jan 2003

then the image you get on screen while playing is the image you have on the DVCAM corder.

Did you mean windows media player?

well i haven't used media player to view anything. I'll tell you what... I'll email you know and chat to you about where to get stuff from... ok?

oh by the way... i take it u and Red Devil are the same person?

  MichelleC 14:54 10 Jan 2003

Just to clarify a point: A capture card is a device to capture analogue video; a firewire card captures digital video.

You need a firewire card with cable and a dv editing software suite. The firewire usually comes bundled with software. Pinnacle, Ulead and Sonic Foundry are good. They all do various packages but get one that can print to tape (that way you can hook up pc > dv cam > vcr and can print to dv cam and record to vcr [plus view on tv as well].

  Mysticnas 15:38 10 Jan 2003

burn to DVD??? hehehe

Did ya get my email???

The offer still stands!!! :oP

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