Thinking about the best carrier to follow!

  thomas100 07:16 21 Jun 2012

While in school you ponder about the carrier that you think fetch money, and after school, the question that most of us always ask is ;what next? Is there any perfect route that one has to follow to achieve a better carrier?

  Terry Brown 22:22 01 Jul 2012

I assume you mean career not carrier.

First and most important is to find something that you like to do.There is nothing worse than doing a job you hate.

Next- how much of your life are you prepared to spend on this career

Most of it, as much as you need to and no more, as little as possible.

What is available in your area ?

Are you prepared to start your own business and put in the time to learn it (including going to college if necessary). remember this will mean for a short time (at least) you will have very little time for pleasureable activities.


  speedman 07:56 02 Jul 2012

Yeah i guess he meant career as well. Well it's really hard to find your ideal job nowadays and so my advice is that you test the water and see which is fair.

  markalex7400 06:16 04 Jul 2012

Getting a good career is all about believing and trusting in what you think is good and can end you some kind of satisfaction.

  iscanut 11:29 03 Aug 2012

Spelling correctly would be a help in one's career !!

  Forum Editor 00:33 05 Aug 2012

"Is there any perfect route that one has to follow to achieve a better carrier?"

My first piece of advice is to look at this from another angle. What, to you is a better career? Some people want a job that brings in the most money, regardless of whether they like the work. Others put job-satisfaction before pay when it comes to choosing a job.

The world is full of people who hate their jobs. They work because they have to live and pay bills, but that's it. Others lead fulfilled working lives, and as a consequence they tend to be happier people in general.

Don't pursue money to the exclusion of everything else; if you do, you are unlikely to be happy. Get a job, and see how you like it. You can always move on if you realise it's not for you.

  procrastinator86 08:39 06 Aug 2012

I think the best way is to try as many profession as possible. The problem with youth is that there are so many possibilities opening up to you that it's so hard to choose. But just take one direction, take on the first job that seems interesting, and if it doesn't turn out to be something you like. Drop it, and find a new direction. Being young means you can fail, and still build everything over again. So don't be afraid to take risk. Good luck, young Padawan!

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