Think something nasty has got into my PC

  Red Devil 10:36 08 Mar 2005

After the trouble I've been having with trying to remove 2 entires from the registry for programs that are no longer there and finding they cannot be removed for any reason, now I've hit another problem.

I had one of the programs I have installed - TCMonitor - tell me that the registry setting for Spybot S&D had been changed.

Now the program will not run at startup, cannot be opened for any reason and even uninstalling it will not solve the problem.

Looks like I'm going to have to backup up all my data and wipe my HD and start again from scratch.

Still, on the plus side, I've been thinking about a new HD and organising my PC to have Windows on one HD plus all my other stuff on the second. Now I've got the perfect excuse to do so now!

  rawprawn 10:43 08 Mar 2005

I'm afraid I can't help with your problem, but I have just bought and installed a new HDD and installed my old one as slave. Everything is nice and clean and running well. I can recomend a complete new start, although don't forget to backup your data, and you will have to re install all the applicationss you want, it takes time.

  FelixTCat 11:24 08 Mar 2005

Try downloading and running another spyware program first, such as Ad-Aware. It is always useful to have two as they complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

  Red Devil 12:50 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for the advice but I already have Ad-Aware - as well as Spysweeper, A Squared and have also used Pest Patrol, SysClean, HijackThis and SpyHunter.

I'm what you called a little paranoid over things like spyware - and still something got through!

  canard 20:26 08 Mar 2005

click here do an online spyware scan with or without an antivirus check. Trend penecillin click here also shows up some greyware stuff.

  stalion 20:41 08 Mar 2005

probably the last thing you can try is to post a hijack this log on here it may save you re-installing.
click here

  Red Devil 21:54 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for the suggestions but I've been looking at getting a second HD for my system for a little while now.

I have a camcorder and am into video editing and they always recommend a 2 HD system if you want to do video editing so I can use this as an excuse to get myself a 2nd HD and run my system a little bit more efficiently.

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