Think I need to take urgent action - email security

  sydsnott 12:44 10 Oct 2013

About a week ago Adobe Revel emailed me to say their system had been breached and my details (among others) had been stolen.

Other log-in's with the same details have not been affected... to my knowledge, but I have changed the password anyway.

I've since received 17 emails from MS offering security codes. I don't use this account frequently and only saw these emails a couple of days ago.

Needless to say, I immediately changed the password, but there have been another couple of security code emails since, last on 8 Oct.

Hopefully they have now stopped.....Over night I received a slightly different one purporting to be from MS, advising as follows:-

The account security information for your Microsoft account (** is scheduled to be removed.

If you didn't make this request, then someone else may have your password. We'd like to help you get your account back. Please go to the following website to change your password and restore your account security information: There was a link here that took me to my sign in page.

Thanks, The Microsoft account team*

When I follow the link and attempt to sign in in order to preserve the back-up link to a nominated email address (already filled in and correct)the site tells me there is a problem, try again later.

I'm worried... or am I just paranoid?

  lotvic 13:09 10 Oct 2013

Seems like someone is trying to access your email account may be by requesting the 'single-use code' option on the sign-in page, and you have it set to send the code via email to yourself.

"A single-use code is a code you can use instead of your password when you sign in with your Microsoft account. Each code can be used only one time, but you can request one whenever you need it. If you're signing in on a public computer—like at the library or school—using a single-use code helps keep your account information secure."

I suggest you don't click on any links in your emails - as you can't be sure they are genuine. Instead using your browser go to the Sign in page directly and On your account page, under Password and security info, click Edit security info and make any changes necessary.

  sydsnott 14:09 10 Oct 2013

Hi Lotvic,

I agree, it's difficult to know what's genuine and what's not!

The problem with trying via Google is that it automatically signs me in directly to my account!

All these emails have been received to the hotmail address, including the one which I pasted above.

That email refers to my "Security information" being sheduled for time frame is mentioned, and this "Security Information" is in fact a Gmail address presumably I should be able to use that email address to regain contact with my Hotmail address....does that sound right??

How would one achieve that, since there has been no notification to the gmail address by microsoft?

I'm confused!

  lotvic 17:09 10 Oct 2013

"The problem with trying via Google is that it automatically signs me in directly to my account"

I don't know what you mean by that.

In order to alter the Password and security info for your email address you need to login to your hotmail at so just type that into your browsers url address bar and press 'enter' or click on 'go' and you will get the https secure sign in page.

I have my email address security info set up so that sends notifications etc to my email adddress.

I presume you mean that your email address security info is set up to send notifications etc to your gmail address?

  sydsnott 18:50 10 Oct 2013

Hi Lotvic, no, that doesn't work!

I enter into google and click the email inbox immediately opens, nlog in page. I suspect this is because as this PC is only used by me, (sad old git who lives alone!)I have ticked the "keep me signed in" box.

I'm scared of signing out as I don't know if I'll be able to get back in again if this [email protected] has done something!

All the offers of re-set codes from Microsoft are sent direct to my hotmail account!!

Since I set the account up 7/8 years ago, I can't remember how/why I was asked to enter an alternative email address, but I must have done it as the address is correct but Microsoft have never sent me any mail there.

Can't see how I would use that facility if I needed it.

  lotvic 20:10 10 Oct 2013

Well it does seem to work if you are logged in to your Account on Web server. Although I presume you are using Internet Explorer 9 (with google as your homepage) and a cookie is set to keep you logged in.

I was going to suggest you check your Hotmail account settings: Click on your name - click on 'Account Settings' and on your account page, under Password and security info, click Edit security info and make any changes necessary.

but having just tried that myself, when I click on 'Account Settings' I just get a blank page...

I presume there is some sort of fault/problem at Hotmails end (unless it is just me that can't get to my Settings)

  lotvic 20:41 10 Oct 2013

Looks like it was me clicking on wrong bit.

click on cogwheel - 'more email settings' - Account details' and then I had to sign in again to 'Verify' my password and got: "Help us protect your account"

"As you're trying to access sensitive info, you need to use a security code to verify your account. How would you like to receive your code?" (the option in box was my email addy)

I couldn't alter anything so I clicked on 'Next' and it said they had sent a code to my email addy and I've to collect the email and then enter the code in the box

So did that and put the code in.

Seems everything you want to alter requires a security code number to be issued and sent to your chosen specified email address, email collected and then code entered.

I suggest you go through that rigmarole and add an email address that is not your hotmail address and then if anyone else does get your password they won't be able to change any account info as they will need the code that is sent to that address.

Then you will have to go back and remove the Hotmail address and just leave the other email address for the security code to be sent to.

Sorry it sounds so long-winded but it is a long-winded process....

  wee eddie 21:24 10 Oct 2013

May I suggest that you enter the "" into the address bar and not into the Google search box.

  sydsnott 21:26 10 Oct 2013

Thanks for your efforts on my behalf Lotvic, I find that clicking on account settings as you suggested in your posting at 8:10, I can actually get directly to the "Account Summary" page: it shows the following paragraph at the bottom of the page:-

"This security info ensures that you can get access to your account, even if you forget your password. You can manage this info and your two-step verification settings on the security info page."

There is a link to the option to edit this information which I've followed and it does give me the opportunity to change the "alternative " email address.

The very very odd thing is, in order to access this page I had to request a code.....which as a matter of course was sent to my gmail address....the one i must have originally set up.

**Not to my hotmail address where or what has generated the 17 security codes which have been mailed to my hotmail address?**

Odd, very odd!

Another aside, earlier this evening, I was somehow "logged out" from PCA Forums and when I attempted to log back in, I was told my email address was invalid...(In my panic, I had hit the comma rather than the full stop in the address), thinking the world was about to collapse around me, I tried to sign in with another identity which I had set up some time ago and was told by the system that the email address I was wanting to use was not on the PCA System! Not sure if that has been removed by "The Management"...but it used to work, so I can't understand why the email address is not on the system since I do have mail from PCA on that address acknowledging the account as active up to Sept 9th 2012.

  sydsnott 21:31 10 Oct 2013

Wee eddie, that is where I entered a last resort I queried google for "Hotmail" ...that also took me directly to my inbox. I think it's because I have the "Keep me signed in" tick box ticked.

Can't do much more tonight, my eyes are failing to focus (had a cateract op Tuesday and still sore!)

  sydsnott 21:37 10 Oct 2013

Something else strange, although I dutifully tick the "Subscribe" box each time I post, I have yet to receive any notifications... Is it broken, or is my paranoia sahowing again!?

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