Think I may have a major problem. I can't open any programs

  bristolgirl 18:40 24 Sep 2011

Hi. I hope that you can help me yet again!

My laptop is a Asus x52f running windows 7. All was going well, until this week when I noticed that the date and time kept changing. I changed the Internet sycronized time to which has seemed to have resolved the issue but to be on the safe side, I did a full system scan using avast.

This threw up a couple of Trojans. I got rid of these and then, after restarting my computer, as Avast required it (and it did lots of stuff before getting back to my windows screen), I ran Superantispyware. This just threw up some cookies that weren't dangerous but best go get rid of. So I did. Restarted again and now I cannot open any programs whatsoever.

Next I tried a system restore but this failed and it suggested that I run a recovery. I'm really, really reluctant to do this and would welcome any other suggestions.

Really, really appreciate any help or support!!

  birdface 18:55 24 Sep 2011

Avast has thrown up a few false positives yesterday.

Best bet is to go to Command prompt and type in sfc /scannow and it should fix a few of the files that were deleted.

Try rebooting to see if you need any further help.if so go into safe mode and run system restore to a time before you ran Avast.

Reboot and everything should be back to normal.

  birdface 19:06 24 Sep 2011

I was going to put a warning on the PCA about the problem with Avast this morning but as nobody was complaining I never bothered.

So anyone else using Avast just now ignore any warnings till they get this sorted.


I am pretty new to Avast so not sure if you can go into the Virus Chest and Enable them again or not.

It deleted one of my problems and left the other 2 behind.

Above is what I did to get going again last night,but never found out till this morning that they were probably false positives.

  bristolgirl 21:25 24 Sep 2011

Many thanks as always Buteman for your help and support.

I've done the first step that you suggested and run sfc/scannow and it came up with the message that it had repaired corrupted files. It seems to have fixed it! Although I haven't tested it thoroughly yet.

Thank you again and best wishes to you!

  bristolgirl 12:26 25 Sep 2011

I've just had another thought (rare I know) but should I now consider changing my AV?

Many thanks!

  kidsis 15:25 25 Sep 2011

if you do you could try MSE, I use this on my xp.

  birdface 16:17 25 Sep 2011

No I would stay with it.

That's the 2nd time I have had false positives from avast but having used most of the other A/V programs I find Avast to be very good.

I have used MSE before a couple of times but just to fill in till I got a decent A/V I was never that keen on it.

My thoughts are a good pay for Anti Malware Program and any Anti-Virus to go with it.

Anti-Virus programs used to be the main program years ago for finding problems but things have changed now So the likes of the pay for version of Emisoft anti Malware or even Malwarebytes gives you full time protection against drive by Trojan Downloaders.

I have been lucky enough to get a 1 year trial of Avast Internet Security and have found it to be really good now.

Never downgrade your Security programs always upgrade them and you will have less chance of picking up any Nasties.

Reading on the Avast forum the persons that do fix mistakes with their updates do not work weekends so we have to wait till Monday for it to be fixed.

  bristolgirl 16:37 25 Sep 2011

Many thanks again Buteman and for your post too Kidsis!

After reading the last post and your helpful info Buteman, am I right in thinking that Superantispyware is not really enough along with Avast? Not really sure what is best anymore and I would welcome any advice!

  birdface 21:21 25 Sep 2011

Superantispyware is good but I don't know if the free version gives you full time protection or not.

  bristolgirl 13:47 27 Sep 2011

Thank you again buteman for all your help!

Best wishes!

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