These 2 problems need to be resolved before I sell laptop to my work colleague please!!

  julius44 09:45 19 May 2012

Hello and good moring to you all. Urgent help is needed for me pls, lol. I've currently got a 6 month old laptop that i'm selling to a work colleague on monday. Ive got a desktop and an android tablet, so ive decided I dont need the laptop as well.

The first problem is that I want to remove the password that I have on the user screenwhen the laptop is switched on, or idle for a while..if colleage once passowrd then she can do it herself. Thats first issue.

The second and more frustraing one is this: A few months ago, I was using revo uninstaller to reove unwanted programs that came with this Toshiba laptop. All of a sudden when i log onto the laptop and log in with my password,..the following error appears:

DashUi.exe system error. The program cant start becos Qtcore4.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I need to get this sorted ASAP please.

I think it something to do with the fact that I removed all the games from the laptop, but not sure.

As much help as possible would be appreciated, i'm off to my sisters palce for a few hours, but i'll be checking on my tablet pc for any anwers solutions, so willbe back before champions league kick off, haha. All heip would be much appreicated.


  onthelimit1 09:48 19 May 2012

For the password go to Start Control Panel then User Accounts. Don't know about the rest.

  robin_x 09:59 19 May 2012

You may think you have cleaned Windows but all your passwords and other personal hidden data will still be knocking around.

I would restore back to Factory Settings then install Ccleaner to wipe all unused space.

If you didn't make a set of Recovery DVDs, make them and include with the sale.

Use the Recovery Partition on the main drive (DVDs are backup insurance in case the partition fails)

  lotvic 10:04 19 May 2012

Make the Recovery DVD's after you have restored to Factory Settings

  birdface 10:09 19 May 2012

You could try C Cleaner to see if it removes Qtcore4.dll properly or any other registry cleaner if you have one installed.

  lotvic 10:20 19 May 2012

just want to edit my previous post, it should have read:

You can make Recovery DVD's after you have restored to factory settings if you have used up that facility and can't do it before, and then you can restore to factory again to wipe off your user details so that new owner can put their own details/name on as the owner.

  julius44 19:10 19 May 2012

Hello all, thanks for all your help so far, the password problem has been resolved,...onthelimit1, thanks for info for that. But i still need to sort out the Qtcore4.dll error that I have ive used glary utilities and cc cleaner, and when i restart the laptop, its still there...any suggestions pls??

  rdave13 19:19 19 May 2012

Always restore TO FACTORY SETTINGS ANY PC you think of selling. Regardless if you know the purchaser or not. Scrub the white space first with Ccleaner, a single run should be enough, then restore. If any of your accounts are compromised after selling, then you will know it will have nothing to do with the buyer. Safety at all times.

  KRONOS the First 19:22 19 May 2012

Have a look here. Google.

  Input Overload 19:30 19 May 2012
  lotvic 19:32 19 May 2012

Wise words from rdave13, I'll second that.

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