Thermaltake Xaser3Case-pci insertion problem.

  3Toed 14:08 29 Jun 2003

Hi people,

I have just purchased a Thermaltake Xaser 3 case,which I am highly delighted with,except one major niggle/design fault.

I wondered if anybody else has had the same problem-it being a specially tailored clamp, for locking the agp and pci cards into place.
The problem being the edge(opposite to the insertion fingers) of my cards interfere with the clamp(where you would normally insert the screw).
I have had extreme trouble trying to lock the clamp to its?home?position.
My cards being an agp, Hercules 9700 pro, and a pci,creative Audigy card.

I have managed to get round this by carefully cutting off the corners of the cards- which is not recommended,with a multi purpose cutting tool to make them fit.

Would just like to get some feedback to see if anybody else has experienced this with similar,or differing cards,so I may inform thermaltake of the design fault.

It?s a shame this,as the case is of such a good build(as you would expect from the price),I fear a little more thought in this small area,would have rounded of its obvious qualities.

Thanks in anticipation-

  -pops- 14:17 29 Jun 2003

I would doubt it is a design fault otherwise they would have rectified it by now.

Remember that the first time that card slots are used they can be extremely tight. Are you sure that the cards are fully pushed home? I can recall loads of problems a long time ago with ISA cards being very awkward to fit properly. With PCI and AGP cards thay are just as difficult but I'm used to them now. It sometimes seems that you are going to snap the motherboard so what I do is a "dry run" before I install the motherboard, I place it on a firm surface and insert a card into each slot to loosen it up a bit.

Hope I've understood this correctly and hope it helps.


  3Toed 14:29 29 Jun 2003

I understand,when you mention about pushing everything home firmly,and I too would have suggested this maybe the problem,but unfortunately its not,as I know they are seated fine(also built quite a few systems to).
The cards line up perfectly with the opening slots,but its so hard to clip the locking clamp over,so hard in fact as I mentioned,I had to resort to cutting the corner on both my cards.

P.s.-Apologies all for the question marks in silly places,I edit in word first,and then cut and paste to the forum template-must be something I?m doing or pressing.

  -pops- 15:11 29 Jun 2003

The other thing I suggest then is that the standoffs between the motherboard and its mounting are too long therefore displacing the motherboard away from where it should sit. Are you using any washers or similar on the standoff posts? Or, do you have a coice of lengths of post that you could use?


  -pops- 15:12 29 Jun 2003

coice???? choice, of course!!

  3Toed 15:43 29 Jun 2003

That?s a good point pops,as it happens I used the standoff?s that came with the case.

But your suggestion would certainly alleviate the problem,can you get smaller standoff?s?.
Of course the thing I would have to watch for is clearance from the underside of my board to the inner side of the side panel-otherwise short circuits could arise.

Also my other worry is if I do use smaller standoffs(if you can get them)would the metal?spade end?plate of my card holder hit the back of the side panel?

Hey,it?s worth thinking about,and I would appreciate a reply on if they may be available?your thoughts pops ?

Thanks again,in anticipation.

  -pops- 15:52 29 Jun 2003

I've seen brass ones and white metal ones. From memory, I think that the white metal ones are shorter but, I emphasise, I only thinK that. I only have brass ones at the moment so I can't compare.

If you have a Maplin store nearby, you could go in and have a look. They do a kit Ref # ZT37S with several bits in, including standoffs (or, as they call them, risers) click here

  3Toed 16:07 29 Jun 2003

A handy mix there for a useful allsorts kit for case screws and bits at £19-99.Worth a purchase if I get no joy,I may just do that,especially if I purchase different cards further down the line.

I think I?ll also give thermaltake a ring and get some feedback on the situation.

Many thanks for your thoughts and help pops

I will leave this thread open,as I think this case is fairly new on the market and I may have to wait a little for a response-I?ll see how it goes-?

  3Toed 20:45 29 Jun 2003


  3Toed 20:07 29 Jul 2003

Left this one for awhile now,so I am re-submitting this one just to see if anyone has had a similar experience as I have had with the case.
I got some good feedback from ?Pops?and just to update you-

I have submitted twice now on Thermaltakes web site.

1.As general feedback(under their feedback section) to the problem,and after receiveing no response?.
2.As a complaint(under their complaint section)

Needless to say,I have had no response from them at all.
Both submissions were in a polite manor.

Although there isn?t a problem at the moment,I am thinking about future upgrading(re-having to carefully cut a small section off my cards-see above)

So any feedback to see what,if any,problems people on the forum have had since last time I posted(even if you have the same case,and had no problems,I would like to hear your comments)

I will have to resort to snailmail(not going to pay for long distance phone calls)if I receive no further input from them.

Anyone have this case-Thermaltake Xaser3 ?

  Wilham 21:10 29 Jul 2003

I have this PC case which has finally come out OK but the instruction booklet is hopeless.
I had two problems...
(i) The graphics card wouldn't go in the upper clip, so the plug-ins at the back loosened the card. By luck I found that removing the plastic clip altogether revealed a hole in the metal- just right for bolting to the corresponding hole on the graphics card.
(ii) The plastic prongs that locate CD drives etc in the slots are the same length as the little screws that come with the drives (and not used with XaserIII case). I think this is a design fault because the plastic penetrates the drive sides 1mm further than the screws. A tray of a new drive jammed inside and was damaged -fortunately I was able to exchange it. Before fixing the replacement I trimmed a mm or so from these lugs, and with no further trouble. Also note the Xaser drive fixing system exerts pressure on the sides of drives whereas the supplied screws would apply tension.
Oh,I don't want to place the thermo probe between my P4 cpu and its heatsink flat, perhaps I'm over fussy. Anyway I find it runs cool, as well it ought with all those fans.
Hope this helps.

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