Thermal paste in Socket 775 motherboard - help?

  jonargent 21:49 22 Oct 2008

Hi, i've been asked to look at a pc for someone, who said its not booting. After taking it apart, it looks like they've got thermal paste between the pins in the CPU socket. Is this repairable, or dead now?

Thanks for any help

  Belatucadrus 22:23 22 Oct 2008

click here may be worth a try, but some thermal pastes are fair insulators.

  DieSse 22:36 22 Oct 2008

I've cleaned them in the past with copious alcohol and a toothbrush. Must be left to thoroughly dry afterward - a warm place helps (airing cupboard?)

  woodchip 23:51 22 Oct 2008

Go to a Electronics Shop and ask foe Switch Cleaner


  woodchip 00:06 23 Oct 2008

Spray so it blows out other side it evaporates. You can be liberal with it

  woodchip 00:08 23 Oct 2008

PS do not forget to have the lock lever up, when you do it

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