Is Thermal Paste required?

  Rayspan 14:17 10 Apr 2010

Instruction leaflet with new CPU says following:
Thermal Interface material is required for all AMD processors. . . . The heatsink/fan provided with your retail AMD processor has pre-applied thermal interface material. . . .

So . . . I don't need paste . . . or do I? Seems silly asking, but the darned thing cost well over a hundred quid & I really don't want to destroy it.
It's brand new in it's box with fan & heatsink.
Please advise?

  gengiscant 14:36 10 Apr 2010

If it came with a pre applied square of thermal paste you do not need to apply any more. I personally take the pre applied stuff off and apply a better thermal compound, like Arctic silver 5.

  woodchip 14:49 10 Apr 2010

never had any problems with the stick on patches

  Rayspan 15:06 10 Apr 2010

Thanks gentlepersons - that gives me a bit more confidence. I'll report back how it goes.

  woodchip 15:10 10 Apr 2010

if the patch as a film over it remove it before fitting to cpu

  Rayspan 16:09 10 Apr 2010

Hummmm! It mounted up quite nicely. However when powered up, I get this:

'Max power of cpu is over 95W. Prepare to shut down.' . . . which it then proceeds to do.

The mobo is a BIOSTAR GF8100 M2+. PSU is 450W.

The heatsink has an array of copper tubes, clearly designed for liquid cooling. Is that going to be necessary? What do I need to do to get this working?

  Legolas 16:16 10 Apr 2010

Having looked at he specs of your MB and searched google with your problem it would appear that you MB only supports CPU's up to 95w your CPU appears to over the supported wattage.

  Rayspan 17:10 10 Apr 2010

Legolas - I've reached the same conclusion. Now I'm hunting for a new mobo to match an AMD Phenom II x4 955 processor. One that supports DDR2 RAM as well, otherwise it will REALLY sting!

Expensive way to learn, but the lesson will stick.

Thanks anyway.

  DieSse 17:13 11 Apr 2010

"The heatsink has an array of copper tubes"

Those are heat pipes - they are sealed and contain a fluid to help transport the heat away from the processor up into the heat sink fins. All modern coolers use heat pipes.

They don't use any external connections, as they are sealed.

  morddwyd 08:41 12 Apr 2010

"All modern coolers use heat pipes."

Can I quote this as an excuse to get a new processor? lol

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