Thermal Paste and Lint Free cloth

  Dicmay 18:08 06 May 2003


Can anyone tell me where i can buy some Thermal Paste and in particular a lint free cloth. I can't seem to find any of the latter.

Cheers :)

  Rayuk 18:11 06 May 2003

Thermal paste PCWorld maybe cloth as well not sure

  Djohn 18:12 06 May 2003

PC World for the paste, £5.99. and for the cloth, an old cotton T shirt is the best you can get. J.

  -pops- 18:14 06 May 2003

J-cloths are lint free. Wash them a couple of times first.

an old t-shirt is definitly NOT lint free, use a J-cloth.

  Djohn 18:21 06 May 2003

Perfectly safe to use an *Old* T shirt that has been washed several times.

Cotton will be lint free and is well recommended for cleaning, even for monitor screens, CRT & TFT. This is what I and others have been using for some time now. Regards. J.

  -pops- 18:21 06 May 2003

My point about washing the J-cloth is to remove the water soluble dressing it has and to soften it, not to remove lint!

  Dicmay 18:25 06 May 2003

Ok, thanks very much you guys.

I have a number of old cotton t-shirts lying about so I'll try them. Its just for applying some thermal paste to a Heatsink.



  Djohn 18:30 06 May 2003

If you buy the paste from PC World, it comes with a plastic applicator and a template for correct use and amount of paste to use.

If you are applying to a CPU thats been used before, then clean with *Nail varnish remover) first.

  Dicmay 18:34 06 May 2003

Fantastic Djohn.

Thanks! Saves all the hassle for a first timer like me. I'll give the pc world stuff a go.


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