Thermal Paste - Help - Dell System

  rods 15:10 05 Apr 2006


I have a Dell Computer:-

Win XP
Pentium 4 3.6 HT
1 Gig DDR
Geoforce 7800 GTOC.

Basically i have just fitted a new Artic 600W power supply, as you may know Dell make it impossibe to upgrade components.

I had to unscrew a plastic cover which had the Heat Sync on (without realising) and i lifted it out and then noticed it was covering the Chip.

Now there is paste on it and on the thing i took off.

Will i need to apply new paste?

Bare in mind this pc is about 3 months old.

Any help advice appreciated.



  €dstowe 15:28 05 Apr 2006

Thermal paste should be applied as thinly as you can and it could be said that if you can see it, there is too much there.

I would doubt very much that you need to apply more but do make absolutely certain that the heat sink is fitted correctly and as tightly as possible when you put it back.

  rods 15:29 05 Apr 2006

Thanks £dstowe.

Much appreciated mate.

You can vaguely see it, its Grey and spread fairly thinly across the chip

  The Spires 15:55 05 Apr 2006

click here Application advise.

  Stuartli 16:00 05 Apr 2006

Will your warranty have been affected by the PSU swap?

  leedsafc 16:27 05 Apr 2006

Don't want to interfere with negative feedback but i always thought that you must clean off and reapply thermal paste or heatsink pads every time you move or replace the heatsink. Also as stuartli suggests the warranaty would almost certainly be affected.

  €dstowe 17:38 05 Apr 2006

It is important to clean off thermal pads completely as they are no longer flat after they have been disturbed. Regarding paste, yes, it is better to clean it off in case there is any particulate matter that has attached itself to either of the mating surfaces whilst the two have been separated. If care is taken and all dust avoided/removed then this can be dispensed with.

  rods 17:59 05 Apr 2006

Thanks for the replies.

Just a bit worried now from what most of you are saying.

So i need to apply a new paste to the processor chip?

Seems a bit confusing the link but thanks.

Yeah will void the warranty but i needed a new power supply.

  €dstowe 18:38 05 Apr 2006

Don't apply paste to anywhere that there wasn't paste before.

It is a case of "less is more". Don't load up any surface with the paste. The small metal square in the centre of the CPU is the part that needs the paste, not anywhere else on its surface.

  Terry Brown 19:51 05 Apr 2006

If the machine is only 3 months old, and the power pack has failed (Why else would you change it?), it suggests there is something wrong with the system, and it should have been sent back to DELL.

  rods 12:23 06 Apr 2006


There is nothing wrong with my system.

The powers supply that came with it is 375W and i needed a higher power supply for my graphic card.

The reason this all came about was because a cord from the power supply was convieniantly placed under this plastic box where the heat sync is.

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