thermal paste for cpu/heatsink

  woofwoofbark 23:40 08 May 2006

I am going to buy new thermal paste and apply it to my system but do I need a specific paste for my system or will any do ?

AMD Athlon 1400+

I have checked ebay and see there are plenty for sale at 99p plus others a little more expensive , artic silver between £5 and £10 , would the 99p paste work just as good or are the brand names better ?

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  johnnyrocker 23:44 08 May 2006

have a word with click here


  ed-0 23:51 08 May 2006

for a 1400+ normal paste will be fine. Spread it on nice and thin. You just need to cover the micro pockets of air to get a good seal.

I even use it on the latest 64bit cpu's and this AMD 64 machine is running at 30C.

  Stuartli 23:53 08 May 2006

The main thing is to spread it as thinly as possible rather than as thickly as possible...:-)

  woofwoofbark 23:59 08 May 2006

thanks for your reply's ... i see that the thermal grease/paste come's in either a syringe or a sachet , how would i spread the paste ?
do I add a small amount to the centre of the cpu and/or heatsink that will spread itself when the heatsink is re-attached ? or ?

thanks again

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  Skills 00:09 09 May 2006

artic silvers guide puts it better than I can click here

  Skills 00:12 09 May 2006

Oh and make sure you clean off the old paste well before applying the new the above link has removal instructions as well down the bottom of the page

  woofwoofbark 17:37 22 May 2006

Hi I have cleaned the CPU & base of heatsink and applied the thermal paste and attched them , ...

My question is , should the temperature change , if at all , straight away or ? I applied the paste around 4 hours ago ! for those who have added paste to thier systems , when did you notice a temp change and was there much difference than before ?


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  woofwoofbark 17:40 22 May 2006

forgot to open SpeedFan ( <<< great free program for checking cpu temp and other components also ) before I cleaned the CPU/heatsink the temp was around 65C , SpeedFan now reads as 60C so thats a 5C drop , should I expect the temp to stay around that , as the paste was applied around 4 hours earlier with the comp running since then , or can I expect further change in readings ?


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  Diemmess 17:44 22 May 2006

If there has been no change in temperature it means either the figure you see is arbitory from a none too clever sensor, or that the original paste was as effective as you can be.

In a perfect world you can't beat metal to metal. But unless the surfaces are mirror polished and absolutely flat the minimum paste excludes the last scrap of insulating air and is bound to improve the heat transfer. Too much is self defeating.

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