Thermal Pads for Processesor Heatsinks

  leedsafc 22:15 25 Apr 2005

Does anyone out there know where i can get thermal pads from. They seem like rocking horse poo!

  LeadingMNMs 22:17 25 Apr 2005

Not sure if this is what your after but click here

  DieSse 22:20 25 Apr 2005

I'v never seen pads as such. The usual recommended stuff is thermal paste - the best known is Arctic Silver. Almost any half decent computer shop should have some.

You only need the thinnest possible coating - too mush is not efficient.

  sidecar sid 23:08 25 Apr 2005
  leedsafc 23:24 25 Apr 2005

Thanks everyone thats exactly wot i want.

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