There's no magic bullet, mobsby.........

  Forum Editor 23:34 06 Jan 2006

if there was, I wouldn't be here answering your question, I would be on some private island somewhere, enjoying the millions I had made from getting people's websites up the ranking lists.

You'll read theory after theory if you search the web for ways to get your site highly ranked, and although there's probably a grain of truth in most of them, the fact remains that you simply can't guarantee anything.

I've spent some interesting hours in conversation with people from most of the big engines (Google included) at conferences over the years, but I'm still in the dark to some degree over what makes the perfect site from the search engines' point of view.

Pay attention to the good advice you've been given by the other forum members above - particularly to points 1, 6, and 9 in Taran's list, and above all - update your site regularly. There's nothing a visitor or a search engine hates more than a 'dead' page that sits there, week in and week out without any content revision. Don't look upon each visitor as a statistic, but as a real person, with real-person characteristics, like boredom thresholds and short attention spans. Consider your visitors as members of a library - if there are plenty of new books to read each time they come they'll keep coming, but if the same old stuff sits on the shelves for months on end the visitors will stop coming. There's no earthly point in trying to build a high ranking on search returns of you can't keep the traffic when it comes.

Don't become obsessed with engine rankings - that's not the key to success on the web. Build your site traffic in other ways, and view search engine-related hits as just one more source of visitors.

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