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Theres a new version available (2.4.1).

  compumac 08:22 04 Sep 2019

Over the last week, upon booting up my Win 10 Desktop a dialogue box appears


Theres a new version available (2.4.1). Do you want to download and install it right now"?

Yes No"

There is no indication whatsoever as to what it is referring to and therefore is not downloaded and installed. The problem that it comes up every time I boot up.

Has anyone else received this message?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:16 04 Sep 2019

There is no indication whatsoever as to what it is referring to...........

In that case you'll need to use a tool to identify what's launching that dialogue box:

Download Microsoft's (free) Process Explorer from here and keep it somewhere safe.

The next time that pesky box appears, launch Process Explorer then arrange the two windows so that they're side-by-side. Next, drag the little target button from PE's toolbar and drop it on the dialogue box window. The process that launched that window will be highlighted in light blue. The process name and its description should tell you what you need to know. You can then decide whether it's something that needs updating or removing.

  john bunyan 16:32 04 Sep 2019

Are you sure it wasn’t 12.4.1? That is being offered on iPhones for IOS

  john bunyan 16:45 04 Sep 2019

Don’t see why it would appear on a desktop unless it had to do with an iTunes update?

  compumac 21:24 04 Sep 2019

Thanks to everyone for their input.

I have followed Secret Squirrels advice and it has detected that the programme calling for this update is "PrinterShare" that I installed quite some time ago.

I do feel aggrieved that the dialogue box does not indicate the originator and think that if they are not prepared to display the originator that I may very well remove the application which is not used very often anyway.

  wee eddie 22:48 04 Sep 2019

If I were you I would sweep for Malware. Just in case

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