is there a way to restore pc back a few months

  rins36 21:05 04 Sep 2003

Used system restore & it will only take me back to the recent restore which was a month ago. I would like to go back to the way the pc was on the day that it was purchased or within a month of the purchase date

My son has been on here & I am wondering if by accident he has deleted all previous system restores that i have done

  powerless 21:09 04 Sep 2003

Do you have the Operating system Installation CD's?

OR even Recovery Disks?

  rins36 21:11 04 Sep 2003

I do not have either of the cd's Powerless they are not supplied with my pc

  billyliv 21:14 04 Sep 2003

Hi, System Restore will only keep restore points depending upon how much space you have allocated, Open system restore and click on system restore settings this will show you how much space has been allocated. System restore automatically deletes restore points once the space has filled up and they cannot be recovered. Cheers, Bill

  Legolas 21:14 04 Sep 2003

I am surprised you have a system restore date for a month ago. There is only a limited amount of space given for system restore data and once it is full the oldest restore date is automatically deleted.

But as Powerless says if you have recovery disks or all the disks you need you can format your hard drive and reinstall everything you need.

  billyliv 21:18 04 Sep 2003

Hi, I can go back to June 2003 because I have allocated MAX space in System Restore. Cheers, Bill

  rins36 21:31 04 Sep 2003

restore can go back to 4 aug 03, no recovery cds supplied with the pc

  graham√ 21:42 04 Sep 2003

Is it XP? The recovery data may be on a partition on the hard drive.

  rins36 23:05 04 Sep 2003


yep XP installed on hp pc, amd athlom xp 2400+

  Djohn 00:22 05 Sep 2003

Morning rins36, What's happened to the restore CD that came with the PC, or should have! HP usually have a hidden partition on the Hard drive, but need the CD to access it. This will put your operating system and drivers back to how they were the day you bought it. j.

  graham√ 09:11 05 Sep 2003

You need to instal the recovery console. Look in Programs, HP Tools, System Recovery. It will ask if you are sure, then it will restart the PC.

You should get options for a non-destructive recovery, or a full recovery which will wipe all the data.

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